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  1. tinyforest's 4.6 gallon rimless tank build

    How are the seams on that tank? Good craftsmanship or adequate? Looks really nice though either way. Interested to see how this all turns out!
  2. Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    You take some excellent photos there, Brad. Everything is so nice and white and bright, I love it. I really love the placement you chose for the mangroves. Are you going to let them grow however they want, or are you going to guide their growth with wires/rods so they form the shape you want? Either way, I know this will turn out fantastic! Good luck!
  3. Roansdads 25g cube thread

    I've owned two Reef Octopus HOB skimmers in the distant past, and they never gave me any problems at all. I've never owned an SWC skimmer, HOB or otherwise, so I can't attest to their build quality. As for your lighting solution, a 150w MH pendant should be more than fine to keep just about any type of photosynthetic coral species. For years I kept a 150w pendant above my 25G cube and I loved it. There are just a few things you need to consider when you use this type of lighting solution, however: 1.) You'll need to adjust the height of the pendant in accordance with the type of coral species you intend on housing. If you keep strictly high light loving coral, and you want to place them at any depth within the aquarium, you'll most likely need to keep the pendant closer to the waters surface so that the coral placed towards the bottom of the aquarium get the light they need to thrive. But be careful that you don't burn any of the coral you place closer to the top of the aquarium. Keep in mind that unlike LEDs where you can adjust the intensity/luminosity of the light fixture with a simple turn of a knob or push of a button, metal halides can't do this. So the only way you'll be able to adjust how much or how little light you provide to your aquarium, will depend on how high you suspend it above the waters surface. 2.) Metal halide lights produce considerably more heat than any other type of lighting solution in the hobby. It may just be an oversight at the moment, but you should definitely keep it in the back of your mind that at some point you may have to think of a cooling solution to offset heat produced by the metal halide so that it doesn't affect the temperature of your aquarium. 3.) Unlike LEDs, which have a ridiculously long lifespan, for the most part of course, metal halides need to have their bulbs/lamps replaced every 7-12 months, depending on the types of bulbs you buy, and also depending on how efficient of a ballast you run. Anyways, it looks like you're off to a good start. And I'll be keeping an eye on your thread to see how you make out. Best of luck to ya, and remember to always ask questions!
  4. Vic's Random Photography

    Thanks for the info about the car photography. With how nice your shots are, I figured you used some kind of stabilizing apparatus, but I guess the traditional way works just as fine. And that's too bad your wife didn't like the rims because those looked seriously badass. Also, that rabbit is freaking cute.
  5. Vic's 30 Gallon Shallow Reef

    Honestly... I'm in the same damn boat! All these awesome LED fixtures and the amazing colors, and of course how incredibly cheap they are becoming compared to a couple years ago, are just making me itch to come back to reefs. Can't get back in just yet though... Anyways... Expecting "rough shipping" is one thing, and I can understand where you're coming from. But the stand you received didn't even come in a ####ing box . What kind of shit is that? Isn't a BOX the most fundamental aspect of "shipping"? I hope you at least left a shitty review for the seller, along with a few choice words just for the fun of it.
  6. Vic's Random Photography

    Hey dude, can you show, or say, how you take photographs of your freinds cars while on the road? As in, do you just stick the camera out the window? Or do you have a special device or mount that you use? Also, got any more pictures of those awesome rims you're working on for your wife's Mini?
  7. Vic's 30 Gallon Shallow Reef

    LOL. I knew you would have a reef again. I KNEW IT. And what's more is that it looks fantastic! You got some great looking live rock there, and I think your placement is perfect. - - About the shipping for the stand though... Did you notify Amazon about it? Because poor shipping is one thing; but slapping some saran wrap around the stand and attaching a 10x4 piece of cardboard to it is basically the equivalent of spitting on someones shoes. Essentially, the people who shipped that unit to you are implying that neither you nor your time are worthy of even a measly cardboard box. And on top of that, the stand was, according to your testimony, destroyed on nearly all of the corners as a direct result of the pathetic excuse for packing job. I know for a fact that Amazon would be quick to issue some kind of reimbursement, especially if you have photographic evidence. They did for me when I was in this exact same situation some months ago. Just a thought...
  8. It's refreshing to see DIY stuff on here, especially when it's done as skillfully as this. Great work MrReefer! As for the snail, if it has a shell that's particularly flat and that looks kindof like a fingernail, then it's most likely a Stomatella. You definitely want to keep those. The closeness and angle of the photograph makes it a little hard to tell if it's flat or not. Still though, it looks like a Stomatella to me.
  9. AIO return pump recommendations

    Well now... That certainly is a great looking option. $15 for a pump smaller than the Eheim Compact 300, that also puts out three more gph? Not too bad.
  10. Quick Question

    A joke it certainly was. Not sure how something that isn't funny can be considered a joke, by definition, but whatever. I have no idea what your experience is in keeping saltwater fish, so I'm just making a general statement here... Just remember that clownfish can and do get pretty damn big in a short amount of time if they're fed well and stay healthy. I don't know what your long-term plans are for these fish or your tank overall, but keep in mind that you'll be bordering on cruelty if you keep two full-size adult clownfish in a 10G. Not to mention that realistically, it's not even a 10G if you take in to consideration the fact that the rock, sand, how low you keep the water line, and how diligent you are in keeping up with evaporation (unless you have an ato), will all add up and detract from the total available space for the two fish. Just something to think about. What you choose to do is up to you of course.
  11. My stuff

    Hey I'm interested in seeing what LEDs you'll be putting up, just fyi. I just so happen to be in the market for the right LED system for my future project.
  12. I've been in the same position you are right now, 3 times. Two hurricanes and one snowstorm crashed my 25G cube three times, all separate restarts. I pretty much gave up after the third crash. If I could just give you one single sliver of advice... If you're even toying with the idea of having plans for a new tank at any point in the future, be it one or more years from now, there are some items you shouldn't sell off. I had to learn the hard way after my first crash - I got frustrated, figured I would never get back in the hobby, and then 8 months later when I had the itch to start a new tank I had to re-buy a lot of the more expensive things I had sold off. Which sucked. Don't sell your ro/di unit! Anyways, it's always depressing to see reef legends getting out of the hobby... But you gotta do what you gotta do, and family always comes first.
  13. how to hold my diy leds

    Seriously though, just get 1/2" electrical conduit from home depot - it's like $3 for a 10ft tube. Bend to your hearts content, drill holes to mount or hang the light, run wire/cable through the conduit, and then sit back and enjoy.
  14. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    It's going, lol, and it certainly has been too long! And I do have something I'm working on right now, but it's still under wraps... Nothing spectacular like your aquarium though.. And I know what you mean dude, I always have so many ideas in my head about what to do but I never really get the chance to even consider them as a reality lol. So is the life of a college student.. But anyways, seriously, I love the little plants growing on the top part of the rock! It's like you stole a piece of shoreline reef... Just too awesome! Need more closeups of non-submerged part!!
  15. Proper turnover rate for 2.4G?

    It would be used as a return pump.