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  1. Received and it's working great with the new pump! Great seller, great communication and item was just as advertised!
  2. Wow! I would definitely go with the Abyss-Pan! Acro garden on upper level Zoas and LPS lower level
  3. Amazing! Loveing them SPS man!
  4. Wow your tank is excellent, but 40L really? I dont know how you do it but Im very interested in knowing how your system is set-up and such lol.
  5. Quite stunning. I have seen many of these but never one so intensely colored.
  6. Amazing! I was wanting to get one of these guys but hear they are super hard to keep. How is it doing? Is it eating?
  7. Nice!!!
  8. That's insane
  9. Awesome, I just picked up a misbar picasso clown a few days ago myself. Love it!
  10. I want one!
  11. I want a Prostrata nowwww!
  12. Is that tang really the size of the chromis?
  13. Beauuttiiiffuullllll
  14. Omgosh I want one. When I first started my 9g a few years back I walked into the LFS and said I want that damsel, and everyone laughed at me and then asked me for $250 lol.