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  1. swayd

    FS Tunze 9004 skimmer

    $100 shipped
  2. Used Tunze 9004. Had it in a IM 40g but sold the tank. Skimmer works great just have no use for it. $110 shipped to the lower 48 shippin from 94568
  3. swayd

    Tunze nano osomalator-- needs pump

    Received and it's working great with the new pump! Great seller, great communication and item was just as advertised!
  4. Wow! I would definitely go with the Abyss-Pan! Acro garden on upper level Zoas and LPS lower level
  5. swayd

    The Cube

    Updated the tenants list and I should have a sexy WP-25 waiting for me at home tonight!!!!
  6. swayd

    The Cube

    They are coming! I havent been able to capture the beauty of the tank but will try tonight. I also want to show off my rock structure hehehe
  7. swayd

    The Cube

    I finally got the cube I always wanted! 60g 24" cube! I will be probably focusing on SPS and zoas so that means I will have to balance my nutrient export system very well. Open to all criticism and opinions! Happy Reefing! The tank 24" Cube built in overflow acrylic removable skins on the stand Canopy with no sides and hinged front. TOUGH plastic container as sump (17g) The guts! MP10 WP-25 TUNZE 6045 DIY ATO W/ 6 gallon reservoir TFL reactor with biopellets Skimmer psk75 eshopps 150w jager heater 1.5" overflow w/filter sock 2 x 3/4" returns 35lbs LR in display 25lbs LR in sump Reef Radiance 132e 2 Boost par 30 bulbs for a more 20K spectrum The tenants 2 Ocellaris clowns 1 Kole tang 1 turbo snail 1 Cleaner shrimp The SPS sommunity Ponape Birdnest Unkown millie Unknown fuzzy green acro Chilli pepper monti The LPS community Duncans The softie commmuntiy My clementine Space Monster pink zoas
  8. swayd

    Everything I have for sale.

    Hey man, any chance of you having any tunzes or koralias for sale?
  9. I bought 132E when He launched on another forum and WOW! These lights are definitely super strong and will grow coral like crazy. The only thing I do not like is that it is not as blue as I wanted it to be. I have to supplement it with two par30s to get a more 18K look, but thats just my preference. Either way my coral have been loving it and have been growing like crazy. I have to scrape off corraline every week because it also grows quite rapidly under these lights. All in all this is a great product and I will def buy again when I gather up the money for a 132s in the very near future!
  10. swayd

    10" rimless cube w/ dual par30 BoostLED

    Im interested in a light! Sending PM
  11. swayd

    FS Tunze 6105 price drop

    Price dropped to $260 shipped!
  12. Hello all, selling this great pump for funds to start a new tank. It was used for about one month and is practically new. The only thing that is missing are two of jumpers that determine the power but are easily replaced from tunze for less than $3 each and are only needed if you want the pump slower or faster. Here is a quick link for reference http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/tunze-...trollable.html Asking $300 shipped to your door!
  13. Come on guys $20 takes it home.
  14. Its in ok condition just need it gone ASAP Back is painted black Some scratches here and there Held water last time I had it up Pick-up in Livermore, CA 94551 $30