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  1. egh...i...can't...breath...too much...calcerous algea!
  2. if i had a diatom, i'd never leave the house.
  3. as far as i know, there's about two things that could happen. the first being that the salt might settle abit and you'll have to smack it some to get it flowing again. the other thing is, it will probably go "bad" if you let it sit exposed to air, some of the chemicals absorb water from the atmosphere and turn into goo, much like NaOH(s) +H20(g) => clear basic goo. it'll be fine, just keep it covered. HTH
  4. i'd say it's all about the ratio of mangrove sticks to gallons of water, when you're speaking of nutrient export. for example, i have two red mangroves in about 4 gals of water, i find that it's difficult for any calcareous algea to grow. and i think the regular water changes will take care of the mg and the Fe that the mangroves will need. mangroves will grow rather quickly once they shoot leaves, so headroom is a requirement.
  5. umm, that seems way too complicated and hyper-superfluous. look into "drilling a siphon break." then, figure out, how much water will fill up the refugium. find a good normal level, and findout howmuch water from the tank it can hold...drill the siphon break...it's that simple. no need for all this, and where's the return pump? and i'm not sure if i understand, but it seems as though you're ignoring gravity and airpressure...please clarify.
  6. that's nice
  7. now i had a blue devil in my old 20 gal, i had to take out the rocks also, but i had the blue devil in there first to cycle the tank, but, i also added a smaller perc, and the perc showed no signs of subordination, just my experience.
  8. i just made a mess.
  9. damn, very vivid
  10. but if he keeps it hole-less, and if he sets up an autotopoff system, it would be more reactive, and the salinity changes would also be less drastic. just a thought
  11. 14, on the same timer as my display lights.
  12. that's a pretty killer design if you ask me, i wish the fuge compartment would be a bit bigger. and, exactly what is the point of the left compartment? is it merely to kill bubbles and have even flow going to the fuge? might want to make it smaller if that's its purpose. good luck
  13. whew...i see we all remeber our chemistry, that's nice.
  14. you know what'd be awesome?, if it had halide lighting, and if it were three sided instead of just two like acoustic's tank
  15. hmm, that sounds dangerous, aqueous copper ions are indeed blue, that's not a dye or anthing, i dunno how to fix it...but, don't do it just yet.