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  1. Custom Tanks

    Dood. You're in college, go to the engineering departments. the have all the machines.
  2. Happy 5th Anniversary Nano-Reef.com!

    I think the growth of nanoreefs has been largely due this forum's existence. Absolutely vital.
  3. nano_2

    egh...i...can't...breath...too much...calcerous algea!
  4. Ten Gallon Reef

    Here is a bad pic of my ten gallon reef; yes, my plate is dying, long story.
  5. Nudibranch hitchhiker?

    I've had those before, never saw them do any damage, they're really cool.
  6. Stable PH - What is it?

    i use Kent Superbuffer, dissolves right quick, seems more potent, IMO much much better than the seachem stuff. i throw some buffer in whenever my kalk drip needs a refill. Physh1 is correct, ph isn't supposed to be stable and steady, so long as your animals are fine(don't seem stressed/dying/dead) you're fine. read your tank, it'll tell you if something's amiss.
  7. 10 gallons tank.....how?

    i have basically that exact setup, two 9watt actinics and a 70watt metal halide; i have two 12v computer fans blowing air in and out of the hood. i never have heating problems, and my temp never varies more than .5 degrees F. a 70watt MH system will cost you about 150 US dollars, it's up to you whether that is costly or not.
  8. First few pics

    very nice, good choice of fish
  9. MH bulb question?

    i have a 10k, corals seem "yellowish" at worst? but 18 watts of PC actinics do the trick, nice white sunshine. 13/14k colors has always sounded like a good idea to me.
  10. 10 gallons tank.....how?

    upgrade homeboy, also, search this site and read about other lighting systems, plan out your tank, considering budget, and setup. if i were you, make both 11watts actinic, get yourselft 70watt metal halide, you'll be set for a good long time.
  11. 250w over a 10-15 gallon?

    10 gallon? too bright...too hot... 15 tall? go nuts, with fans ofcourse.
  12. Deep Sand Bed vs. Bare Bottom

    Deep sand beds are out of the question for the very reasons stated above. I've also read reports of some sort of poisonous areas developing on them, something like black spots ejecting some sort of florine compound that's harmful to reef inhabitants. Don't quote me on that. I also agree that bare bottoms don't look as natural as tanks with a shallow sand bed. I also believe in the benefits of having sand in the aquarium: bacterial growth essential to the nitrogen cycle, a place for inhabitants like crabs, shrimp, sand sifting fish to look for food/hide/dig and other such activities. As far as tank setup is concerned I think a sand bed brightens up the look of the aquarium. Also, I imagine that aquascaping my rocks in a BB tank wouldn't work out as well as i'd like, as I wouldn't have the sand to set my rocks in varied orientations. Shallow Sand beds all the way.
  13. lighting for 10 gallon

    maybe a nice Powercompact fixture, like the aqualight, would do a good job on zoo's and 'shrooms.
  14. 10gal lights?????

    i have a 70w mh 10k and two 9watt actinics over my ten gal. i feel confident in my sps keeping abilities. lps and clam: growing like weeds.
  15. Snail is pooping every where???

    hehe...turbo poop. boy have i had some of that in my day...