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  1. Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Still trying to kick the hubby in the rear to get down and help with some of this. We'll see. July FTS
  2. Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Still, too many irons in the fire: June FTS
  3. Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Too many irons in the fire: May FTS
  4. Amphitrite's Mt. Wannahockaloogie

    Spring soccer has now ended, so yes, it's time to blow the dust off and finish my project. I will have some pics up this weekend.
  5. Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Aprils shot. Will have time to work on this some more in the upcoming weeks.
  6. Pico Contest

    That's a great idea!!! The more the merrier!
  7. curvilinear II_the Pico.Reef

    Yeah, I'm up to my eyeballs in soccer right now, so mine is slow going - I can also relate to the mess thing - you should see my dining room tables (I have too and they are both covered with parts! Fortunately, my spouse is as bad as I am, if not worse). Sorry to hear about your heating disaster, though.
  8. FTS Thread

    No, he's not, but obviously neither are you - have you read your own rules?
  9. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
  10. nano-reefer1's 1.5g

    I started my nc6 (at school) from water and corals from our 30g (at home) and the gsp didn't come out - after 5 days I took it back home and it came out...after a couple weeks I took it back to school and it came right out. I have no scientific explanation, as I'm totally new to SW...but it was a crazy experience for me as well.
  11. nano-reefer1's 1.5g

    What did you add?
  12. Hawke's Pico Lamp

    Looking good...would love a macro lens....hmmmmm.....Mother's Day maybe
  13. do you do stupid stuff to your tank?

    I love it! That looks like something I would do - and my husband would be shaking his head ruefully - lol!
  14. DulcyDoll's Bedroom Pico

    That's good news! Must have been a bad week for bulbs. My son is in the process of building his first 10g AIO and his bulb arrived cracked. DF&S shipped out a new one right away and that one arrived cracked - the third time was a charm and he's up and running now Anyway, glad you didn't give up - following along.
  15. nano-reefer1's 1.5g

    I had heard the same thing (but have not had any personal experience with it). I know some people use epoxy - I opted for the dow corning 795 silicone - it has excellent adhesive properties, but it has a 2 week cure time....only time will tell how it holds up to my rotating tank