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  1. The largest is about 1/4" across - looking at hydroid medusas and having had hydroids in past tanks, they don't look similar to me. This pic shows a pretty close representation except mine are a bit brown (eating?)
  2. Man that's interesting! Thanks for the info. This tank was also started with full dry rock back in January - I can't imagine how they got in there and/or how they've gone unnoticed until today, and now there are suddenly 5 of them. They prefer the surface and have a tendency to flip their hoods up to the top of the water and stop moving for a bit. Fun to watch regardless!
  3. Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while due to keeping busy, but the tanks been doing great.. part of the keeping busy has involved no time for new livestock, unfortunately. But, today I was tank watching (as we do) and I saw what I assumed was a hallucination - a jellyfish. Just a little one, but it was unmistakable. So I turned off the pumps and started searching and found.. another! So now, I have 2 little jellys swimming around my tank. Video (since I wouldn't believe me either): So - the 2 obvious questions: 1. How did this happen? Eggs from somewhere I assume, but how long do they usually take to hatch? It's been nearly 2 months since anything new has been added to the tank. 2. Any thoughts on what to do about/with them? I'd rather not waste them in the filter, but I don't see them hanging in a normal mixed reef for too long. Have a QT set up, but it's probably not the happiest home for them either. edit: The count is up to 5 - moved 3 to the QT. I did to a water change today, is this a new ingredient in Reef Crystals?
  4. StellaBlue's da Vinci Cube - RETIRED

    Pics look great! I think the questionable vertical brain is a hydnophora, if you get PE from it - nice scores
  5. tank moved - a few issues

    Let us know how it plays out.. long day ahead of you - good luck!

    Yeah if you search around, quite a few records of this happening now.. those nems are apparently nasty! You can remove the nems, but I'd say just steer clear.
  7. Mixing RFAs and Maxi-Minis

    So an update.. I thought RFAs were supposed to stay put! After about a week each both of mine have started going on adventures. At this rate they might be going on an adventure back to the LFS the Maxi Mini has been quite well behaved.
  8. Is my light overkill?

    Big hermits and a pack of turbo snails!
  9. help please!

    I think the best argument against dripping corals is dipping.. if a coral can survive a bath in insect killer or iodine, then a little parameter swing from one tank to another isn't going to kill it. Temperature is certainly important, though. Short version: I agree with everything you said.

    Well it would seem like something may have gotten in there and things are starting to recover.. if you can't get that last colony out for a revive dip, stick with large, frequent water changes and carbon to get things back in line. hope they bounce back!
  11. Removal of Coral bone?

    I wouldn't.. if you had some arm bone exposed, you would probably rather let the skin grow back over it than losing some bone, too. I would say, if you really think the coral isn't recovering well, give it a dip in coral RX or similar.

    Hermits are nice for thicker algae, but aren't necessary. I would doubt they're eating the zoas though, unless the zoas are already on their way out. But yeah, no problem taking them out of the tank. I would keep looking for any signs of disease or infection or maybe a zoa eating nudi, though I don't see how one would have just showed up in there. Ideally, get them out for a dip of some sort whether it be antibiotic or something like coral RX or iodine to try to fix them up.
  13. safe to add corals?

    If you're ammo is 0, go for it. CuC first though, generally, to finish eating diatomes and get some waste going in there.
  14. help please!

    I'm with Spanky on both points - snails are hardy. Temp acclimate and throw them in - even reefcleaners says not to do more (though they have reasons regarding shipping). I would look for environmental factors that tests aren't going to show - cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, other aerosols, double check your temp, etc... this is not a normal problem, so the normal solutions probably won't show much. More carbon should help as a general answer, though. Good luck!
  15. Red Slime?

    What's your flow situation? Cyano isn't very strong, if the whole tank has strong flow, it shouldn't be able to start growing.