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  1. It is not dimmable Thabks, yea it's a 4 bulb
  2. WTB RO/DI unit

    Spectrapure 90GPD filters replaced 2 months ago. $90 shipped. I can even throw in a free TDS meter
  3. Thanks, just trying to move stuff due to me moving to Tokyo in July
  4. WTB a Nano Reactor

    Brs media reactor with maxi jet 1200 pump $40 shipped
  5. WTB mp10es QD/ led light

    I have a wireless mp10qd used for 3 months
  6. ATI sunpower 36" with 4 ati bulbs maybe used 4 months and hanging kit. $350 with shipping. Mp10 used for 3 months $200 Mp10 QD by the way, manufactured may 2015

    Text sent
  8. Lime Box -Rebirth

    Amy details on that diy lid
  9. WTB: Display macro algae

    If you do pm me I would like some dragons breath