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  1. Preparing for a heat wave

    Also be prepared for possible power outages, that happens to me from time to time. I also live in socal.
  2. C. prolifera and H. pannosa

    bump! i'm keeping the cladophora in a holding tank and I'm about to tear it down and throw it out. Maybe in another week, so lmk if you want some.
  3. C. prolifera and H. pannosa

    I have a bunch of cladophora left after scaping my tank, and some LR. No hypnea though.
  4. Long spine cardinals are cheap and comminly kept in groups in marine aquariums http://m.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+26+1428&pcatid=1428
  5. It was @yoshii who originally gave me the cladophora, but I also ordered some from live-plants and it turned out to be the same thing. Cool stuff
  6. C. prolifera and H. pannosa

    Fish is sold, still have the live rock. All my overstocked algae is currently pending, I will know if I have any left on Wednesday.
  7. White cap goby!

    Did you get it already? Frigging expensive for their size. Wonder what their lifespan is
  8. C. prolifera and H. pannosa

    All pm's replied, thnx for your interest. No cladophora tossed
  9. C. prolifera and H. pannosa

    Ok, The cladophora is free + shipping. I have so much, might have to toss some.
  10. I have a ton of cladophora prolifera (might not be the right name) that I'm giving away for free if you can do local pick up in 90815 Long Beach. Otherwise it's $5 + shipping for as much as I can stuff in a 6" cube box. I also have hypnea pannosa which is $10 for a 2-3" ball (plus shipping). PLEASE PM ME IF INTERESTED
  11. Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    What about fish? That's how I kept my macros fed lol. My angel and puffer ate sooo much.
  12. 40b rescue tank.

    How do you plan to treat? I used copper safe once on some clowns, turned out really well.
  13. Caribbean theme (now a 40B)

    macro tanks ftw. you should check out kpaquatics, they also sell a bunch of Caribbean stuff. IDK how legit they are (never ordered), but I've read a few things and it seems reputable.
  14. 40b rescue tank.

    Some people have success "beating" ich just by feeding nutritious food, and the fish seems to fight it off on its own without a relapse. However if I were you I would just pull the fish out and treat them, and then let the tank run fallow. Just better long term.
  15. 40g of no possibilities :(

    It's definitely neat. Plan to make it focal point in my next tank.