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  1. I've left heaters off all night by accident and when I woke up all my fish were moving really slow lol but they were fine. I'm sure there are some cheap generators out there, here in socal harbor freight tools sells lots of cheap things. I just use a car battery and converter. Power outages aren't that common here.
  2. Why not get some live rock/sand/water change gunk from your LFS? Trying to minimize introduction of pests?
  3. No zoas, no hammers. Just mushrooms and gsp, which he did not touch.
  4. Also posted this on socalireefs. Not looking to ship anything, I'm in Long Beach 90815. I'm getting my house fumigated soon so I need to start moving stuff out. I'm going to try and keep a small tank of some stuff in my neighbor's garage or have my LFS hold it so not everything is for sale. I may add more stuff later. Purple and green maxi mini nem $15 Yellow and green maxi mini nem $15 Yellow ricordea $20 Green/grey favia frag $10 Golden shrooms $5 per polyp Red mushroom rock $20 Green mushroom (not the stripey one) $5 Blue shroom $5 Blue sympodium? $5 GSP rock approx. 3x5 inches $30 Fluffy green algae (looks like grass) $5 for a good size clump, larger pieces available Large valentini puffer $15 Dusky blenny (atroslaria fuscus) $15 Blackfoot clowns bonded pair (likes to host the GSP) $30 Royal gramma $15 Green chromis $5 If you buy multiple things I will discount. Thanks for looking~
  5. I am going to downgrade. I live at home and commute school so it's still possible to keep a tank. I have 2 years left before grad school. With any luck I will be able to move out by then. That fluffy green algae and gorg I got from you a while back have really taken off. I want to keep the gorg, some other corals, and some of the green algae and start another algae-themed tank, but maybe half the size. Bad pic but here's the tank: I also have a bunch of other stuff in a 12g nanocube. Puffer/hermits/blenny/somebody likes picking at gorgs and LPS.
  6. School has been taking up a lot of my time, and for the most part I've just been letting my tanks sit. Not necessarily a bad thing, corals and algae look great but the glass needs cleaning. Have some cyano but the algae doesn't seem to mind. I've had the angel in QT for a while now, for hemorrhagic septicemia. After weeks of antibiotics, there is still a little redness/possible scarring. I've spent a lot of money on meds and at some point had to just stop. At this point I'm not really sure its septicemia but it's not nothing, all I can do now is hope the fish heals itself. Still a good eater though. My house is getting fumigated for 3 days at the end of June so I need to either sell all my livestock or get the LFS/somene to hold my fish. IDK for sure what I'm going to do, but I may start selling stuff on here within the next few weeks (got lots of shrooms and algae). Considering how school has been I may sell everything. Of course I would still have a tank, maybe just smaller. Buying water is kinda expensive for this tank.
  7. I have a random question: What does your angel's poo look like? For years mine has had pale stringy poo but has never lost weight or had problems eating. Seems to be normal for it. Prazi didn't change anything either.
  8. I'm restarting my tank again, kinda. I found a good deal on a used acrylic tank of similar size and will be moving everyone over to that. The cabinet is far more accessible and it also came with a sump, and has internal overflow. It will just be way easier to clean and hopefully quieter. I've let the tank kinda I ended up selling the anthia. I added a small pylei wrasse, royal gramma, and blue chromis and the anthia had some issues with that. I bought a couple of maxi minis and put them in my nanocube, so they could attach to something. I thought they were fish safe but after a little research it seems they are not. Oh well, there are no fish in the nano so I guess they can stay there.
  9. Don't buy a "harem", from what I've read most fairy end up turning male regardless of the other wrasse they are kept with. What size is your tank? I had similar thoughts then R2R's wrasse guy had me read this: http://www.reef2reef.com/ams/pairing-wrasses-thats-not-how-any-of-this-works.3/ Multiple males of several species could work out though.
  10. I got this tank for cheap, and I have a couple of questions before I start using it. Should I be worried about the bottom seam? Looks to have some bubbles/cracks. It looks worse over here: And how do I get all that glue/sticker residue off? The guy who had it before me did not take the film off the bottom of the tank so it's really compressed.
  11. I put the multicolor in, since everyone was ignoring him in the box. That was a mistake. The anthias freaking lost its mind and torpedoed the angel right out the box. The blenny also did not appreciate the new addition, and got in a fight as well. The venustus displayed at him a few times but kept swimming. Then the multicolor tried to instigate a fight with clowns. The puffer was 100% chill the whole time. Promptly scooped up the multicolor and put him back in QT. Has a few bruises but nothing major. I'm still surprised the anthias and blenny reacted the way they did. I will not be adding another angel for sure. I wanted to get a fairy wrasse, but seeing how the anthias reacted makes think this is not a good idea. Looks like it already thinks it owns the tank, surprised it ignores the clowns considering how much smaller they are.
  12. Went ahead and added the anthias. I only did a week of prazipro, decided to risk it because I've been seeing this fish every time I go to the LFS for weeks. Keeping the lights blue for now while the fish transitions. I only added it yesterday, and it has already taken to the tank. Not shy, likes to be up front swimming around. Also scarfs down pellets now (happened like 30 minutes ago lol). And yes, the multicolor is back in the acclimation box. Since nobody wants him I thought I'd try again, but maybe for longer. Going to call the anthias 'it' since I can't tell if it's male or female in this light. I thought I saw more yellow, but its still very orange.
  13. There are so many to choose from, don't know which to get. My hope is that I can get a fish to display with the anthias, colors look to be past female but not full dominant male. IDK if it will transition fully without other anthias, but he is still really pretty. Been trying to sell the multicolor on socalireefs for weeks now, I guess it's just too risky for most people's tanks. I may have to offer him at really cheap price. That way I can add more new fish to the QT. I am getting some diatoms and cyano near the top of the tank on the algae, but no where else. Too much light maybe? I should get my phosphate tested, been a while.
  14. I would say he is very personable too, the day after I acclimated him he would look to the surface for food when I approached. Going to keep him singly, I read these anthias can be very mean to each other. Still want add a couple more fish though, maybe a fairy wrasse or flasher.