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  1. Squared

    Help me nurture these poor corals back to life.

    That cyphastrea looks really bad, you should not have paid money for it 😞 I'm not really sure there is much you can do other than what you already mentioned. Chalice coral don't need a lot of light, so keep it low.
  2. Squared

    Snow's Bedroom Nano

    Sorry to hear bro, it happens
  3. Squared

    Snow's Bedroom Nano

    Sorry to hear about your fishies 😞 I would just uproot all rocks and do anything to get them out asap. If they are still eating they still have a chance. Furan 2 + kanaplex should help. Be sure to get an ammonia badge and keep the hospital water aerated. good luck
  4. Squared

    William's Red Sea Reefer Nano

    Nice! Those fish are on my must have list in the future. Is it eating? If it is, would you consider it a slow eater?
  5. Anyone have any flower anemones from Belize? Are they much more expensive?
  6. Got a better pic-you can see how they moved once they settled in You think two more fit here? lol
  7. Bought two more rock nems today. A big pink one, and another that is a bit unique (the one on the bottom right): it has some green splotches on one side but not the other, and the tentacles connected to those splotches have an orange tinge. The rest of the tentacles are also dark purple/white. It will be neat to see what this one grows into (it's about dime sized). Maybe I can get some better pics in the future.
  8. Squared

    Squared's 20L: Trying SPS again

    Going to start documenting the growth of the pink lemonade. Day 2 pics: I made a cheap porthole (PVC + plastic wrap lol) and took this pic:
  9. Squared

    Squared's 20L: Trying SPS again

    Everything I got from unique corals looks fantastic. I would highly recommend them, every piece was in perfect health. The stutchyburi goni is what I was most worried about, but this one seems fine. I traded a piece of my candy cane for some SPS, and the fellow reefer I got them from was very generous. I received the following: pink lemonade acro (yellow! I hope I can keep it alive and healthy) green birdsnest blue stylo valida acro (a bit washed out, not 100% sure of the color) browned out monti digi pulsing xenia I think I'm all of room in this tank, going to have to get of rid of some stuff soon. But maybe I can fit in one more rock flower nem... I've also been quarantining this guy: It's a tuxedo damsel, Chrysiptera tricincta. I stuck him in the tank the first day I got him, and the angel was a little ass. Developed fin rot overnight, so I've been treating him these last couple of weeks. Looks like it's all cleared up but I'm going to finish the current round of furan-2. Going to use an acclimation box this time.
  10. Squared

    Dying gorgonian

    Ioddine dipping is helping. When I notice the necrosis come back, iodine dipping perks it right back up. I think it's a bacteria infection.
  11. Squared

    What is this fish?

    https://www.liveaquaria.com/product/181/hi-fin-red-banded-goby?pcatid=181&c=15+31+181 Very hardy fish but it will jump. Be sure you have a lid. The shrimp and fish will find each other eventually. How big is your tank?
  12. Squared

    Dying gorgonian

    I cut off the necrotic tissue and gave the frag an iodine dip, looks a lot better. Cutting + iodine seems to be the cure. wonder why this happened in the first place though.
  13. Those are nice! Did you get bronze or silver?
  14. Squared

    Dying gorgonian

    Thanks for the tip, but I'd rather just feed. I have a lot LPS and filter feeders so dosing nitrates seems like a little much. 2/3 pieces I cut up are almost, if not, back to normal and healed up. One them is starting to look bad again, not sure why, I did the same thing to all the frags. I wonder if it was a disease. Like I said, I'm not really worried about alk. I doubt that is what cased this, but who knows. Just in case I'm starting to dose 2-part again, about twice a week to keep it above 7 dkh.