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  1. FS: 10" x 15" x 1.25' Aluminum Heatsink

    Buy the heat sink and 3 x Meanwell LPC 35-700's for $55!. That will get your budget LED build off to a great start...and actually stay on budget!
  2. Hey guys for sale is a 10" x 15" x 1.25' Aluminum Heatsink from heatsinkusa.com I never used the heat sink so there are no adhesive compounds on the surface, and all of the fins are straight. One of the fins has a small dent on the top of the fin, but that is all. Heatsink USA lists this size sink' for $45 so I'm asking $30 for the heat sink UPS shipping is $17 for this size item and USPS 3 day shipping is $22 for this item
  3. All 48D's are sold! Take all 3 x LPC 35-700's for $30 w/$3 shipping!
  4. Just checked the specs of the ecoxotic strips. I'm not sure if the 48D's will over power the strips, or if the the voltage will adjust to meet the requirements of the strips. I believe that if Ecoxotic has the LED's printed on the PCB board in series that it would be alright, but again I'm not sure. If someone else can chime in please do! Prime, let me know if you need a refund
  5. Update! 3 of the 48D's have been sold! There are still 3 x Meanwell LPC 35-700 - $12 ea w/ $3 shipping. buy them all for free shipping 1 x Meanwell ELN 48D - $22 w/ $3 shipping
  6. All but one of the 48D's are brand new and unused. BTW all drivers will come with a power cord. I'm not sure what LED's the stunners use or how they are wired so I couldn't give you an honest answer sorry! Rapid LED lists there 48D's for $34 w/ $6 shipping So I would ask $22 ea w/$3 shipping thanks for the bump!
  7. Yes those are the dimmable drivers. The difference between the 24D's and the 48D's is the voltage 24D = 24V 48D = 48V Which means that you can run more LED's in series with the 48D (13 to be exact) The LPC 35-700's allow you to run 12 LED's in series with a fixed current of 700ma without dimming capabilities.
  8. RapidLED lists these drivers for $16 ea. and about $6 for shipping I've got 3 x Meanwell LPC 35-700's that are barely used. Looking for $12 ea. and $3 for shipping Take all 3 for $30! RapidLED lists these drivers for $34 ea. and about $6 for shipping I've also got 4 x Meanwell ELN 48D's. 3 have never been used 1 has been lightly used for a month. looking for $22 ea w/ $3 shipping ALL 48D's SOLD Let me know!
  9. What's up guys, trying to get rid of some extraneous aquarium stuff now that my tank is taking a sabbatical FS: 3FT. Flexible RGB LED strip. Waterproof, comes with remote and power supply. 16 different dimmable colors. Works great as a moon light. Blue gives you a nice moonlight with actinic pop. Red let's you watch your creature's night time habits. All the other colors are just fun! Price: $40
  10. Mangroves and Driftwood

    Pics will come on Monday. Got the weekend off woo! "Local" is Naples, FL. Found everything on a low tide flipping over rocks...thought about putting a stone crab in the tank, but I've lived that nightmare before.
  11. Mangroves and Driftwood

    Hah! Yea right, that was just the mock up. I try and keep this addiction limited to one household. My 75 is in my apartment and this tank is set up at the office!