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    REEFING!!!! Joining the Army as a Medic, family ,working in the medical field ( am LPN) and so much more I am not going to list it.
  1. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    I need a baby lawnmower blenny... HOLY HAIR ALGAE!!!! My tank need a mow
  2. Redman 1.5g

    no we arn't but what the hay! Where all do you go for LFS's?
  3. Redman 1.5g

    We tend to go to Fins and Kritters and M&M in Lawton or we drive ot Norman to go to Wet Pets by Steve. Wet Pets is so far my fav but its almost a two hour drive. Alot of what we get is ordered online. Tank is looking great...
  4. 6.6 gallon bookshelf nano

    rea;;y like the look of this tank. Good luck and I will be following.
  5. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

  6. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    it was on lone of the little rock frags I had super glued to the back of the tank. so I broke half of the rock (with orange palys on it) using an exacto knife then used tweezers to reach the frag on the sand. It is now safly glued and in hubbys tank.
  7. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    had to remove the Orange paly's from my tank they didnt like the direct light. Its very interesting to try and break a rock inside the tank LOL I made a MESS but I did manage to do it!
  8. Newman's Picotope

    Good luck hope things get better for ya. Sorry I dont have any suggestions
  9. Redman 1.5g

    Like your scape and the corals
  10. DIY Moonlight Cheap! $5

    Nice thought but +1 to firetrap. Also if you are in this hobby do it as right as you can. Save up the money and get good moonlighting.
  11. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    I am acctually considering sexy shirmp. Here is a pic of the light fixture in its completed form. Lights are out for the day after I finished it but took a pic anyway.
  12. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    Still want some of the candy apple reds and some of the kedds reds once we frag them
  13. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    Day two since I stocked my tank. Water prams look GREAT!!! Nitrate 20 nitrite 0 Alkalinity 300 PH 8.4 Ammonia 0 here are updated pics now that things are HAPPY! FTS
  14. First Pico-New Pics/FTS

    Did a 100% water change tonight and put my frags of zoa's, acans and cloves (yes I know they spread fast i want them to) in my tank. now its just about letting it grow grow grow!! I will take more pics after everything opens up more.