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  1. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Thanks I know what you mean. I don't plan on expanding beyond this unless something very tempting falls into my lap. I'm right at the point where anymore would be too much. But I only have 3 pairs laying, and only 2 pairs that actually let me raise their eggs. Once more pairs are mature enough to lay, then I may be singing a different tune haha. I can see where it can become very overwhelming very fast. But I suppose that would be a good problem to have--too many eggs to deal with haha.
  2. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    For those of you not following the FB page, here is a an update for you
  3. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Haha had to wait for the little buggers to show some color! Welcome along! Thank you! In a couple months I should have some exciting choices for you! I will update my avatar for you guys soon but for now you will have to settle for a pic of the fishies I also followed Pickle's lead and made a Facebook page for those who want more frequent updates https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3...gsfishyhatchery
  4. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Haha I will definitely let you know The Darwin x Extreme Snow babies are growing nicely:
  5. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Haha I know it's bad. Some pairs were given to me and aren't designers. Realistically, I probably won't ever raise their babies. I might pair up my babies in the future to the females though. Oh the possibilities haha. Oh and on a side note, my Onyx x Platinum pair has left ONE fertilized egg for me to possibly try and hatch. Progress!!! Haha baby steps.....
  6. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Right now I have 13 pairs, but I think I'm gonna downsize. 3 breeding pairs is keeping me busy, so 13 pairs probably aren't necessary haha.
  7. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Yaaaay! And I may or may not have just acquired a pair of Domino clowns.... I seriously need to go to fish rehab...
  8. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    My first batch of Darwin x Extreme Snowflake babies!!!!
  9. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    My perculas take a long time. I just had my very first snow eggs hatch and they have headstripes sooo much faster than my percs. I think its normal!
  10. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    You are so right! I have been slacking...haha My setup right now is as perfect as I can imagine it being. I have redone it a few times, and with this setup have yet to find anything that I want to change. I actually haven't read any books on breeding. I hear Joyce Wilkerson's book is a great resource. There are multiple threads on here for breeding. Pickle's cliffnotes version of his thread that is a "sticky" at the top of the aquaculture section is probably the single most useful thread I have found as far as learning how to get started. Then I suggest just keeping up with the breeders on here and seeing what tips or methods they recommend. Ask lots and lots of questions. Don't be afraid to ask no matter how simple or silly the question may seem. Ultimately, its trial and error. You have to find what works for you. I currently sell my clowns just on the local forums (socali reefs and sdreefs). I have had a few stores express interent in my babies, but I haven't sold to any stores yet. What type of clowns are you interested in getting? I can keep you updated as to what I'm raising.
  11. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    My onyx x onyx pair spawns regularly and I raise their babies. But at the moment, those are the only eggs I raise. My darwin x snowflake pair stopped laying for some mysterious reason. My onyx x platinum pair are laying regularly and the male is finally tending to the eggs, but he isn't fertilizing them. A batch of unfertilized eggs went seven days on their last spawn before they finally ate them. My darwin x black ice pair do not seem to be getting along anymore so im looking for a new female to swap in. So I just keep chugging along hoping for the best haha.
  12. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Our females do look similar! Maybe we can trade babies someday and expand our gene pool haha (that sounded odd ) That's a great idea with the pots I never thought of that! Welcome along! I haven't been posting much, but I will try to get back to it! If you have any questions feel free to ask. There are quite a few very successful, knowledgable breeders on this forum!
  13. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Alright kids... I know I have been away for a while but I have some good news to report. The Onyx x platinum pair let their last nest go to day 3!!! The male was taking care of them for the first time and may have even fertilized some of them. Hopefully this means good things for the future! Its not the best, but here is a video on day 3 before the male ate the eggs:
  14. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    Ya patience is hard but necessary I suppose!! I am using Kent's garlic just because it was all the LFS had at the time. It seems to be working well though. I tried to just estimate and add the amount that the directions call for (kind of hard because it says something like two drops per teaspoon, which is hard to measure with the large amounts we are making). I started mixing in the Top Dressed Otohime into my pellet mix for my broodstock, but I would love to feed a more direct source of astaxanthin. Let me know if you find a good source that you like! I only made a small batch of food this time to experiment, but I think I'm gonna follow your example and start making the larger batches!!
  15. Sweet<3's Clownfish Adventure

    I'm trying my best to be patient!! Haha. I have had this fish since October of '10. He was probably 6-8 months when I got him. So I'm guessing he is right around 2 years. He has eaten three clutches with no signs of fertilizing at all. Unfortunatly I think he is going to take more than five to get it right So he will stay as long as my patience lasts. I just love my big momma female and I don't want to wait anymore to raise her offspring!! **Sigh** It's not crazy at all But like you said, it would take a while for him to be ready to lay. And I would have to shell out the $$ for another platinum... So hopefully there is some improvement in the next couple months!!! I have started feeding frozen with garlic and the garlic has made all the difference. The fish are going for it much more than my previous attempts. So hopefully this boost in diet will help iron out the kinks with my other pair...