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  1. Lara's 11G reef

    Hi all! I am horrible at keeping journals but I am trying this again. I had a 40B previously but I got an aiptasia outbreak and worked really hard to get rid of every last one. It worked, but I had to throw away a lot of LR as part of the process and therefore downgraded to this tank. 6 months later, tank is still aiptasia free. If it stays that way and I don't have any significant pest problems, I plan to upgrade to a IM fusion 25 in the next year or so. Tank has been set up for about a 6 months but we moved (within the same city) a month ago and I replaced all of the sand at that time. Equipment: 11G Cadlights Zen (18 x 11.5 x 11.75) Kessil A160 Ocean Blue Jebao RW-4 for flow Jaeger 100W heater Inverts: Nassarius and cerith snails Sexy shrimp x3 Blue legged hermits x2 Coral and nems: Maxi minis x3 Various zoas Ricordea mushrooms Green mushrooms Acans Blastos Torches x3 Lobos x2 (monsters I tell you) Duncan x1 Dendro x1 Pink birdsnest Blue mille of some sort, I think Fish: Ocellaris clown (I have had him for 5 years!) Hoping for green banded gobies x2 soon P.S. I can't figure out how to make my pictures less blue :-/
  2. Not drilled. I am in Columbus, Ohio.
  3. 40B with standard AGA black pine stand: $100 $75 I've had this aquarium for 5 years and had to downgrade for now since I am moving soon. Just emptied it last week. If you PM me your phone number, I can text you a photo. Thanks! Lara
  4. Good somewhat shallow nano under 20G

    I wanted one of the Mr. Aqua 11.4 gallons but they are out of stock and I want to take down my 40B soon. The cadlights are a potential option but they're taller than I'd like compared to the length and width. If I could find a good place for an IM fusion lagoon 25G I think those look awesome.
  5. Good somewhat shallow nano under 20G

    Sorry Andrew, that tank doesn't fit any of my specifications. I am looking for something less than 22" long and no taller than 12".
  6. WTB nano <20G

    Hi all! Yep, I'm looking to downgrade from my 40B and am looking for a nano under 20 gallons. I need something at least 8-9" tall and no longer than 22" in any dimension. It needs to be wider from front to back than it is tall for a shallow-ish look. I live in Ohio currently so either shipping or pick up. Let me know what you have! Lara
  7. Hi all, I am looking to downgrade to a nano under 20G. I am looking for something taller than the 60-F type aquariums. Maybe something more like a pico aquariums version. Ideal dimensions would be a length between 16-22" and no taller than 12". Any ideas? I love the IM fusion lagoon but it's larger than I want and isn't much of a downgrade from my 40B. I'm open to used pico aquariums if anyone has one! Thanks! -Lara
  8. Specs: - 3 royal blue, 1 cool white, 1 neutral white - 60 degree optics Used for about 6 months but bought about 3 or 3 1/2 years ago. $45 shipped; I might take lower offers so message me and we'll see!
  9. Possible Stocking Options

    I don't think they're omnivores but a couple green banded gobies I think would go great in that set up. They're great fish. I had two in my 4G and they even spawned. I also had two in my 40G with a clown and they never bothered each other. They grazed on pods and ate pellets and frozen foods wonderfully. Mine usually hid if they were alone but would come out together in pairs. Super cute. Love those little fish.
  10. Lara's 4G CAD Lights Mini

    I actually bought one of Dave's nanobox 5g tanks. It's 12x12x9 and I love it. I really hated the cad lights tank almost from the start. The light was weak; even my rics were reaching. The tank was so narrow front to back, which I didn't like. And I could never find a strong enough pump that would fit in the back chamber. I neglected the tank for awhile but my sexy shrimp and pom pom crab were still thriving. That's when I decided to upgrade to something I'd be excited about. And here we are :-D I have a par 30 over it for now but I may go nano box at some point.
  11. Tank is a 40B so not large enough for a CBB. Also, I have bad luck with fish and inverts nipping coral so I don't want to try it. That's why I have just a clownfish in there now. Ha. And too many to torch them off. If I am going to do all that work and take the rock out, I would rather just start fresh. I'd actually go dry rock instead of live,and I'd cycle it before taking everything out of the aiptasia tank. I am feeling encouraged about markalot's experience with berghias. I might purchase more and give this my best shot before resorting to drastic measures. Has anyone else had good results with berghias?
  12. I figured that even if the berghia lived and did a great job, they would starve before all of the aiptasia were gone and then I'd have a problem all over again.