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  1. Hi all! I am horrible at keeping journals but I am trying this again. I had a 40B previously but I got an aiptasia outbreak and worked really hard to get rid of every last one. It worked, but I had to throw away a lot of LR as part of the process and therefore downgraded to this tank. 6 months later, tank is still aiptasia free. If it stays that way and I don't have any significant pest problems, I plan to upgrade to a IM fusion 25 in the next year or so. Tank has been set up for about a 6 months but we moved (within the same city) a month ago and I replaced all of the sand at that time. Equipment: 11G Cadlights Zen (18 x 11.5 x 11.75) Kessil A160 Ocean Blue Jebao RW-4 for flow Jaeger 100W heater Inverts: Nassarius and cerith snails Sexy shrimp x3 Blue legged hermits x2 Coral and nems: Maxi minis x3 Various zoas Ricordea mushrooms Green mushrooms Acans Blastos Torches x3 Lobos x2 (monsters I tell you) Duncan x1 Dendro x1 Pink birdsnest Blue mille of some sort, I think Fish: Ocellaris clown (I have had him for 5 years!) Hoping for green banded gobies x2 soon P.S. I can't figure out how to make my pictures less blue :-/
  2. Not drilled. I am in Columbus, Ohio.
  3. 40B with standard AGA black pine stand: $100 $75 I've had this aquarium for 5 years and had to downgrade for now since I am moving soon. Just emptied it last week. If you PM me your phone number, I can text you a photo. Thanks! Lara
  4. I wanted one of the Mr. Aqua 11.4 gallons but they are out of stock and I want to take down my 40B soon. The cadlights are a potential option but they're taller than I'd like compared to the length and width. If I could find a good place for an IM fusion lagoon 25G I think those look awesome.
  5. Sorry Andrew, that tank doesn't fit any of my specifications. I am looking for something less than 22" long and no taller than 12".
  6. Hi all! Yep, I'm looking to downgrade from my 40B and am looking for a nano under 20 gallons. I need something at least 8-9" tall and no longer than 22" in any dimension. It needs to be wider from front to back than it is tall for a shallow-ish look. I live in Ohio currently so either shipping or pick up. Let me know what you have! Lara
  7. Hi all, I am looking to downgrade to a nano under 20G. I am looking for something taller than the 60-F type aquariums. Maybe something more like a pico aquariums version. Ideal dimensions would be a length between 16-22" and no taller than 12". Any ideas? I love the IM fusion lagoon but it's larger than I want and isn't much of a downgrade from my 40B. I'm open to used pico aquariums if anyone has one! Thanks! -Lara
  8. Specs: - 3 royal blue, 1 cool white, 1 neutral white - 60 degree optics Used for about 6 months but bought about 3 or 3 1/2 years ago. $45 shipped; I might take lower offers so message me and we'll see!