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  1. FOR SALE *40B*

  2. FOR SALE *40B*

    Time to give up the breeder. I am selling the whole set up. You can check myu thread to see all that is on the tank. Nothing has changed other than the livestock. 40B tank with 20l sump. Aquatraders 4bulb tf light that could use new bulbs, mp20, gx1 skimmer. I am also including my 4 stage RO/DI unit. I am selling all or nothing. The only thing is if you do not want the stand. I will not ship, local pick up only. I am located in Northfield, Ohio. Right between Akron and Cleveland. Message me with any questions because I am just not on here that often. I am asking $750 for all with stand Thanks gg
  3. RO/DI system help!

    Haha I was thinking that when I was typing. I do have di I think its about done. Its about a year old and has changed color drasticly. I have the typical hanna TDS meter. When I test straight tap water it reads 131
  4. Storing Saltwater/RODI Water

    For my RO water I keep it in a 7 gallon water jug used for camping from wally world. Pre mix saltwater just in a Home Depot bucket with lid, powerhead and heater.
  5. RO/DI system help!

    thanks guys. after some time it has picked up the output back to normal. I put the old membrane in back in too just to test and getting the same results. Just put new filters in and getting a .001/002 tds. I did not change my resin yet and know it is exuasted so i figure that should bring it down. Thanks again gg
  6. RO/DI system help!

    I was hoping youd chime in. I do have a restrictor in. It is the one that came with the new membrane. Different from the one that was in there. Unfortunately the one that was in there got shot out and never found. I have been playing with this for an hour now and finally starting to get some product water. Not sure if it was the same amount as before. Also my DI section is only filling about 3/4 of an inch where before it was at least half full. Thanks for the help gg
  7. RO/DI system help!

    My water is not making it through the ro membrane. it will come out the waste water but not the good side. Just installed new membrane and same issue. Also it will not let me have pressure past about 42 psi even though I have plenty of room to turn it up. Any Ideas. thanks gg
  8. For those who us Reef Crystals

    I have been using reef crystals for over a year now and it comes our at 1.025 every time. Mixes quick too.
  9. Scape input

    Hey mini, hows things. I like the scape alot. I think rock A is great and B looks ok too. If I had any question it would be the rock just infront of B. Looks like that one sits kinda layered infront of the rest. I tried doing something like that too and could never get it the way I wanted. Always seemed awkard trying to place coral too. Pesonally not a fan of bb. i used ESV pure white sand. A mix of fine and coarse and wish I did not use the coarse. You can see alge on it all the time. As far as cuc check out John at RC. Good Luck, Looks great gg
  10. I enjoy watching all my cuc, and after more than a year I still think its the coolest thing to watch my serpent star come scrambling out at feeding time. Also watching my conch.
  11. Bonk's 39G

    That sucks!!!!. That tank is awsome. where is it from? Good luck with the rice.
  12. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    I cant beleive that i dont come on here all summer, then when I do you have another tank thread. Then I see that you have 23 pages and still have no pics of a running tank. The more things change the more they stay the same. Waiting impatiently, gg
  13. Question for you 40br folks

    Check out coastie's 40b. he has a real nice mesh top. He may have some pics of the build. Plus just search on here and you will find a couple of different ways to do it. I have been open top for over a year now. Lose about a gallon a day to evap now the furnace has kicked back on. good luck gg
  14. 40 Gallons of Completely Unnecessary!

    I am thinking of changing my lights also. Looking at the Aquastyle Led that Trogdor used
  15. Greater Cleveland Aquarium

    http://greaterclevelandaquarium.com/ Finally something good coming to Cleveland Opens January 21, 2012