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  1. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    One emerald didn't make it through the night. Surprisingly it was the one that seemed the healthiest It had snuggled in a spot and remained stationary for the night, in the am it was in the sand being picked over by hermits. I'll have to go pick another one up at the Lfs. The ruby was moving around and eating last night. I haven't seen the third one today, but last I saw it it was moving around just fine - fingers crossed.
  2. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Like a smorgasbord of surprises. The emerald crab I spoke of above is doing just fine. There was also a 3rd super special unexpected emerald - who is ruby colored??? I'm sure of it. It's very pretty. The fuzzy chitons were surprising looking, showing my complete lack of knowledge I was totally confused for a moment by these ugly fuzzy things inside clam shells. I thought the clam shell was it's shell or something. This moment was quite brief, they're really REALLY cool!
  3. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Got the package just now. I didn't take unwrapping pictures because there was some slight leakage. Good thing too cause the water was slightly chilled. I immediately thought "oh no" because one emerald crab was not moving at all and upside down floating. I decided to float acclimate his bag anyways - to be %100 sure. Good thing too. After a minute he began moving around. Always double check! I'll update after.
  4. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Yeah, sounds like they could bulldoze everything. I sent my address again
  5. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Wow. I wish I had a bigger ugly tank(I say this jokingly). Those deer cowries you put up are gooooorgeous!
  6. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Interestingly enough since the outbreak two of my acro's have had unbelievable growth spurts. They had otherwise been slow growers previously. Another common/easy sps has also spurted, I cannot remember the name (it'll come to me). The growth of my montis slowed though. I've had to be very careful with acans, blastos etc because they get overgrown and smothered. Sometimes finding them again can be a hassle.
  7. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    The lights are auto timed. I've attempted black outs only to be thwarted by the husband coming home and turning them on again.
  8. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    *clears throat* Today is a great day. I am happy, thankful, and humiliated all at the same time for winning! Thank you John and those that thought my tank was the most puke inducing! You know cotton algae and GHA is bad when it covers and chokes out bryopsis
  9. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    I don't see a way to vote? There's no poll or instructions(ie reply to the thread to vote?) Maybe that's why there has been trouble? Maybe others are as confused as I am?
  10. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    My husband looked at our tank last night (it has 2 small nems, the dominant clown was hosting its usual nem) and says "what is the small guy hosting, I dont see his anemone" I took a peak... "algae..." He gave me the weirdest look.
  11. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Now I feel Like hiding under a rock. I still have hope for my tank though. Even if it's ugly, it's still my baby.
  12. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    :scarry: :scarry: Official entry: Taken today (after scraping the coraline to hide the issue). Where did my corals go? It's like where's waldo. I don't even think a custom crew could fix this. Not more than one inch of rock or sand is visible anymore. I pull and pull. Switching to from tap to RODI was the defining moment when a couple scruffs of algae turned into an algae inferno (believe it or not) before scraping.. upclose pump to skimmer... Cyano city You'd never know there was SAND below all this. Or Rocks... Or Acans, a monti cap, or mushrooms, or zoas.. I assure you they're in there somewhere and still alive after my weekly cleaning. Sometimes I find stuff I forgot about. I start pruning stuff and then this goes sexual Signs of life
  13. It is time....Ugly Tank Contest 4

    Enter & face site wide embarrassment? Sure. Once my wifi is up again I'll publish a picture. Too bad I yanked algae out the other day (not like anyone could tell the difference anyways. It's THAT bad)
  14. First order

    Its not obvious tank sitter has never owned a tank. Algae is worse than seeing a cockroach.