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  1. Sold! Will update this page if I have others. Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm selling one of these nems, it's a flame tip, or an inferno or whatever they're called these days. Yes, this is the same anemone as Coral Collections has, they got their original specimen from me and cloned it. WYSIWYG, this was taken 4/2/2017, no editing this is straight out of my cell phone camera. Local pickup preferred, $300 picked up $350 shipped anywhere in the continental US, FedEx Priority Overnight with tracking.
  3. Oh it was haha. It got to the point where nothing would help, so I broke it down and started over
  4. This is Eugene, the red leg hermit. He's pretty badass, and likes to chill out all day.
  5. Running a little rich? Or just catless?