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  1. SoCal: Flame Tip / Inferno BTA!!

    Sold! Will update this page if I have others. Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm selling one of these nems, it's a flame tip, or an inferno or whatever they're called these days. Yes, this is the same anemone as Coral Collections has, they got their original specimen from me and cloned it. WYSIWYG, this was taken 4/2/2017, no editing this is straight out of my cell phone camera. Local pickup preferred, $300 picked up $350 shipped anywhere in the continental US, FedEx Priority Overnight with tracking.
  3. Parting out the tank as it seems nobody wants the whole thing. Up for sale are the pump, skimmer and overflow. Everything is in 100% working order, no damage. All prices include shipping to the lower 48, take off $10 if you want to pick up in SoCal. Bubble Magus NAC 3.5 Skimmer - $130 http://www.petmountain.com/product/aquarium-skimmers/11442-573341/nac-3-5-cone-protein-skimmer.html MAG7 Pump - $50 http://www.marinedepot.com/Danner_Supreme_Aqua_Mag_7_Water_Pump_500_to_1000_Gallons_Per_Hour_Submersible_Aquarium_Pumps-Danner_Mfg.-DN1119-FIWPSBFT-DN1125-vi.html Glassholes Overflow and Return Kit - $60 http://glass-holes.com/700-gph-Overflow-Box-Complete-Kit-gh700kit.htm http://glass-holes.com/1-2-Inch-Loc-Line-Return-Kit-ghReturn50.htm I can take recent pics if you really want them, PM or text me please 424-835-07EIGHTFIVE
  4. Hey gena, Where in SoCal are you? I'm by LAX, would you do local pickup? Thanks!
  5. FS: IM Nuvo 8 - SoCal $100

    Sale Pending.
  6. Selling the tank because I no longer use it, could use a bit of cleaning but that's it. No cracks, chips or what have you. $100 takes it. Comes with spinwave thingy, no heater though. Call or PM with any questions. 424-835-07EIGHTFIVE
  7. Bump, skimmer didn't fit in my new tank, $200 takes it all.
  8. It is, thought I included that in the post, guess I forgot! OP updated to include glass-holes overflow+return.
  9. Selling my equipment as I've gotten a new tank. Trying to sell everything as a package in SoCal, here's what it comes with. Aqueon 40 breeder, drilled Aqueon 20 long sump PetCo Manhttan Metal Stand Glass-holes.com 700GPH overflow box with bulkhead and gaskets Glass-holes.com 1" return with locline with bulkhead and gaskets Plumbing/gaskets/flexlock for sump/return Mag 7 return pump Fluval E300 heater 2x Koralia nano powerheads Does not come with any skimmer or light, this is a barebones, will get the tank up and running setup. The tank has no leaks and has been running for almost 3 years. The tank is currently in the process of being broken down, I hope to have it complete and cleaned by this coming weekend (1/24/15) Note: These images are not current, but the tank will be as clean as it was when I bought it when you pick it up. $175 firm for the whole setup, again, does not include a skimmer, light or the MP10 in the pictures. PM, text or call (424) 835-07EIGHTFIVE
  10. FS: SoCal - Flame Tip Nem (Inferno)

    Still for sale, bumpin'!
  11. FS: SoCal - Flame Tip Nem (Inferno)

    Buyer had other things come up, bump for sale! It's currently stuck to the glass and ready to be scraped into it's new home. Get it while it's hot!
  12. Well it's that time again! Got another flame tip for sale, oral disc is between 4-5 inches when inflated. $300 FIRM, picked up in El Segundo. Call, PM or text. 424-835-07 EIGHT FIVE