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  1. FS: BRS dual reactor, zeo reactor and more... 92882

    Yeah i haven't heard much either, been trying to get things ironed out all week for sump light
  2. WTB: Meanwell ELN-60-48P

    looking for 2 of the PWM dimming meanwells. Thanks Chris
  3. need to add more LED's....what should i add

    where did you get your colored LED's from? I'm just trying to figure out in my head how i would lay out the LED's to not make them spot light. Also thought about getting a kit like http://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Changing-...ref=pd_sim_hi_3 I know its not super bright, but thought maybe couple of those could add a little more pop, and i can dial in the exact color i want??? but i'm not all to familiar with LED's and they may not produce the correct wavelength though Just thoughts haha
  4. i currently have 28 bridgelux LED's on my 24g aquapod. I am working on setting up a 60g cube and am going to need to add a few more LED's. right now i just have a 50/50 mix and also have 10 more bridgelux ones left over. So my ? is what should i add to make it adequate for my 60. here were my thoughts 4- Cree XM-L cool whites 4 - Cree True Violets 4 - Cree Cyans all with dimmable driver so in total would be 50 leds which Kinda sounds like alot, but majority of them are Bridgelux
  5. Whats wrong with this complete kit?

    i am currently using 28 of the aquastyle LED's on my 24g aquapod. I dont have much for coral though so can't comment on that aspect but they seam to work well and are bright enough for me. I just have a 50/50 mix. you can toss in the UV if you want, but from what i have heard they dont do much with just 2 you would almost need 4 or so. as far as drivers go, i would upgrade to the meanwells, mainly because if you ever get a controller and want to dim your led's with it, the stock drivers wont work. so its worth the upgrade now, as to pay 34 bucks a pop later. I personally wouldnt go with the strips, mainly cause of what you said, and you can't really customize the layout to much with them
  6. FS/FT: RKL with ALC for ReefAngel

    everything sold
  7. FS/FT: RKL with ALC for ReefAngel

    RKL sold ALC still available
  8. Looking to sell or trade my RKL for a ReefAngel controller. My RKL is just the basic RKL, PC4 Temp probe, and also have a new ALC with it as well Looking for 150 + shipping. will throw in cash for a ReefAngel. I'm located in Iowa and very active in my local forum at www.greateriowareefsociety.org as snowman82 as well thanks
  9. SOLD

    if neither take it, you got a PM
  10. Beware of Aquastyle

    I work for a company that has a 7-10 day lead time from the time you order your item. it may be a standard item that we have all the parts in stock and ready to go, but still takes 7-10 days from the time your order to get the item in our system, get it scheduled into production and get all the parts for the unit in the correct placement with everything, then get it built, sent to shipping, and onto a trailer. and that is for a premium product that people pay thousands of dollars for (dont know why though..) so to me the wait from Ray was not bad at all. No issues. oh I work for Pella Corporation building windows and doors This is the wrong hobby for anyone without any kind of patience IMO...
  11. WTB: SL1 and Moonpods for ReefKeeper

    one last bump...
  12. looking for a SL1 and blue moon pods