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  1. Testing the new Olympus

    i mainly use b-ionic, seachem reefcomplete and seachem reef iodide. I dose about every other day with the bionic and once a week with the seachem stuff. I try to water change with a schedule but it rarely happens . I skim all the time and keep the fuge clean. Thats about it.
  2. pics of my 25 gal

    uh oh...the war starts again.
  3. Testing the new Olympus

  4. Testing the new Olympus

  5. Testing the new Olympus

  6. Beginner seeking advice!

    Depends on your kilowatt/hour rating. If you go to your local power company's website im sure they have a calculator to see how much you pay and what to expect. I run metal halide and 4 tanks and my bill went up about 20-25$. Not a big deal to me since the enjoyment i get out of my tanks more than makes up for the financial end. You can get by with water changes but on a 40g tank then good luck. Look into getting a skimmer. Also that puts you out of the nano category but im sure people here will still help, if they can. I answered a little of that above but i would shell out the cash or diy some kind of skimmer or use a hob for carbon or a refugium. Canisters and Wet/dry are not good for reefs they pump out nitrates. A cpr bak pak IS a skimmer. Halide is the closest simulation to the sun there is. Period. Its the best for tanks and really there is no substitute. If youre cautious then look into PC's or VHO then halide later down the road. When i moved up to halide again, i didnt see a significant raise in my power bill, maybe 10$ and i run 200w of it. Nano reefers dont usually buy ro/di units because of the small volume of water. There's no need to process 10g of water a day when you dont even evaporate 1g/day. The best substitute for that is Glacier Water from Safeway. Its ro/di'd, ultraviolet sterilized, carboned and then distilled. .29cents a gallon cant be beat! But with a 40g then look into a ro/di system, they're all dirt cheap on ebay. Or check out aquariumadvice.com for larger tanks and im sure someone will cut you a deal.
  7. Testing the new Olympus

    ok ok gime a little bit to clean up
  8. Not quite a nano, my new 58 SPS

    kickbak i just wanted to know what that white pvc is in the back with all the holes in it is. Also dont listen to jackass newbs that insult your tank. Its whats kept me from posting my tank pics for a while, i dont need a war about whats in my tank
  9. Testing the new Olympus

    ya i have about 200gph shooting across the front and it blasts that gsp, it loves it. That thing has tripled in size since i put lots of flow on it.
  10. Aqua C for the Nano

    ill put my 11$ against whatever they put out and im sure undertheradar's skimmer will probably spank it as well.
  11. Testing the new Olympus

  12. Testing the new Olympus

  13. Testing the new Olympus

    looks like little snowflakes, crazy!
  14. Testing the new Olympus

    ya i do. Ill try to make it look better, bubble algae is a PITA! here's some more shots.
  15. Testing the new Olympus

    Not sure if people who see this can tell but both of my rics are going to split at the same time. For those of you that dont know, rics, when they split they will form 2 mouths and also will start to make 2 pairs of tentacles. I think this is doing well since i bought the single ricordia not more than 2 months ago and now i have 4 rics from 3 divisions.