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  1. ya. I guess if youre doing a big order its cool. Plus i hear logical reef is good stuff. Glad you got a good deal. Hows the fuge doin?
  2. you guys must love gettin shafted on shipping.
  3. you guys sneakin to tropical paradise without me? bastiges if you go there again let me know i need a ric i can paypal ya.
  4. surge and nano should never go in the same sentence
  5. i really dont think it matters but i always put the clear side of the envelope inside the bulb facing down.
  6. i go to a local place, tap plastics. If i was to ever buy online id go to usa acrylic or something like that. Ive heard of them before search for "usa" and "acrylic" youll get them. Home depot also sells plexiglass which is a generic term for acrylic.
  7. reef crystals are good.
  8. Ls

    you can if you want. Usually the sand settles faster when no pumps are on.
  9. ya i know, its called scoring. Id never do that because its not as reliable as cutting on a table saw
  10. i have a 20L and really to be truthful its a pita. Youll spend more stocking it than something like a minibow. If i was to do it all over id go with a 7 or 12g minibow or via aqua 18.
  11. macro mode is for super close up shots
  12. make sure its in macro mode. If that doesnt work switch to manual focus
  13. xenia is virtually indestructible, you wont hurt it. Chances are it will make another colony where you peel it from.
  15. 10,000 apologies oh god of diying vigor!