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  1. Beautiful photo!
  2. One of the nicest Montipora sp. out there!
  3. That is one fantastic looking scoly!
  4. Your clown is mooning the camera!
  5. Fantastic looking mixed reef!
  6. Great looking quadricolor! We refer to that color as "rainbow" and they are super popular. They have that really nice transition from orange/red, to yellow, to green at the base of the tentacles.
  7. You did a great job on this aquarium! Hopefully you are back in action sooner than later - you seem to have a lot of fans to keep satisfied!
  8. Coming along quite nicely!
  9. Great photo!
  10. Great photo! You have my vote
  11. Lucky find! That stuff is like kelp. It has a single hold-fast at the bottom, and grows vertically using small balls filled with gas to stay afloat. It also doesn't spread like caulerpa, so there is no real danger of it taking over the aquarium. When it gets too tall you can just crop it back. It is hard to come by and many want it so hold on to that stuff!
  12. Wonderful macro shot!
  13. Spectacular! Is that a gigantea?
  14. Ryeguy you, optimist you...
  15. I'd say so!