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  1. Hitch Hiker Clam

    Is this the clam you are referring to?
  2. Red Spot Cardinalfish

    Beautiful photo!
  3. Custom Look CadLights 50Long

    Great build - looking forward to an FTS in a year or so
  4. bigalsonline.com

    Fred, Firstly, I am going to take care of this issue for you. Please let me know if you prefer a refund or replacement. The reason your return needed to be shipped back is because you were past your 30 day period for claiming damaged or defective product which puts you into the "return for warranty" category. It is absolutely imperative that you check all your items as soon as they arrive to ensure they show up in excellent and usable condition. Any warranty returns (past 30 days) need to be shipped back by the customer. Any damage or defective claims within 30 days may or may not need to be shipped back, but we will cover any shipping costs to have the product come back as well as for replacement product to go out. I posted that info up for everyone to see so that no body else runs into this problem in the future. I have no problem helping you out with your heater this time around as I am sure it was an honest mistake on either end. Our returns dept. will contact you via email.
  5. frag25

    One of the nicest Montipora sp. out there!
  6. My Biocube 29, finally stocking!

    A word of caution with the blue linkia... They do not often do well in tanks under 90g or larger as they tend to starve without an adequate amount of LR to graze on. They also make quite a mess when they expire so make sure to keep an eye on it and remove it if it looks like it is not doing too well.
  7. What is this cool little guy?

    It is likely not dead. The release their tentacles as a defense mechanism when threatened; they will often curl into a ball and release tentacles when you try to catch them. Keep your eyes open!
  8. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    Interesting, We are experiencing no issues, and neither are most customers. You are the first to describe that specific problem. I will forward it to our IT dept.
  9. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    Unfortunately we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.
  10. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    All issues regarding the 160 IO Salt Pails FREE SHIPPING not being applied at checkout have been resolved!!! You can now easily place your order online and receive this offer! We apologize for the confusion!
  11. Crasiest Scoly Ever!

    That is one fantastic looking scoly!
  12. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    If you are still having issues placing your order through the web page, feel free to call in your order! We can manually remove the shipping charges etc. We need to contact our provider to see why the promotion isn't running correctly (as it should be). Until that is solved, any orders placed that have overages will be refunded the difference (shipping and heavyweight) and those who want to place orders over the phone are more than welcome to! 1-888-824-4257
  13. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    Just the 160g pails that are listed up top.
  14. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    The cart was still showing the heavy weight shipping although it wasn't being captured on payment. We updated the cart so it shouldn't show it anymore. If you are still seeing the heavyweight, try deleting your cookies and restart your internet browser.
  15. FREE SHIPPING on 160g Salt Pails!

    For a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING on Instant Ocean and Reef Crystals 160 gallon salt mixes! (USA only) CLICK HERE for Instant Ocean CLICK HERE for Reef Crystals If you are in need of salt in the near future, now is the prefect time to purchase it through bigalsonline.com - Don't forget to use your discount code! NANOREEF for 10% OFF! To top it all off you get a $5 Mail-in Rebate from Instant Ocean which is down-loadable from our website under the Manuals/Videos tab on the product page!