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  1. Can people running with the stock filtration on their Fluval Evo 13.5L- sponge, bio media and carbon media please post here ideally with a picture of your tank and let myself and others know how you are getting on? I'm about to set up and have bought various upgrades but I see the odd post here and there where someone is running stock and seemingly everything is going well. I don't want to over complicate things if I don't need to.
  2. I'm up to £1,129 which is approx $1,503 US and haven't even got my tank wet yet. That price does not include lighting either as I am keeping the stock lights. I had a reef tank years ago and back then I spent about the same setting up. Unfortunately a faulty heater cost me the inhabitants and I gave up and sold the tank and equipment. I'm really wishing I had just stored it all instead of selling it!
  3. I decided to take my stone chisel to the rocks to see if I could split them into more choice but they really didn't like that. Despite my best efforts the bits broke off into rubble. I've ended up with just another variation of option 2. I'm thinking I might raise the right hand rock up in the same position to add a bit of height. I could do this with some egg crate. I'm struggling to make any of the other rock work, big rocks + small tank don't mix very well. Hey, if I ever upgrade at least I have the rock already 😉
  4. I'm surprised by what you've said. I've been looking at the evo for a while now and only came across one person who had to replace their light due to failure and as for keeping LPS:
  5. Other people seem to be managing fine with them under it.
  6. I do have more life rock than this as I bought the 20lb box hoping for more options but it was just made up of BIG pieces. I'm wondering if I should break it all up to give more choice.... Not sure how well this stuff breaks though.
  7. No idea yet, I've been so busy sorting equipment and haven't actually looked into fish or inverts. I like this idea, I'll mock it up and see.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far. It's funny, I was swaying towards option 3 but you both prefer the other 2. Yes I will be using the stock Evo lighting and hood. Those 3 attempts have room for algae scraping. I've got a magnet and handle type scraper.
  9. I had a bit of a go last night placing my caribsea life rock. I'm either going to keep soft only or soft and LPS. What are your thoughts on any of these?
  10. I've got a Jabeo SW-2 wave maker coming for added flow, would you still suggest that I upgrade the pump? I'm placing another order for various bits tomorrow so could add the eheim pump as it's showing as in stock.
  11. @hyoib Did you ever try the stock fluval pump for noise? I'm wondering if I should be ordering the eheim compact 1000 before I set up.
  12. Thank you, I saw the mini first and thought that's a reasonable price but the micro is more than double, in the UK at least. I'll have to shop around!
  13. @R2Dork Thank you, could I trouble you for a picture?
  14. I haven't seen it mentioned but I may have missed it, is anyone currently using an ATO on this tank and if so which one and where have you located it?
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