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  1. My 20gal: A photo journal

    thanks for replying on my post. lighting. but i will definitely do more research about lighting. i'm planning on going around neearby cities and check out the fish stores there. what would your top recomendation be for lighting?
  2. need help for new 5 gallon nano tank.

    haha woops sorry noob here but yeah thats kinda what i meant.. x] haha. ugh so what do u guys think? just get a regular light fixture from the lfs and change the bulbs?
  3. need help for new 5 gallon nano tank.

    well for this pico im planning on keeping soft corals and maybe one clown. ahha. but other than that thats all i have planned for this tank for now.i went to the LFS here and i asked em about lighting.. they told me i cud jus buy a regular light fixture for flourecent lights and change the lights with 50/50 reef lighting? what do u guys think?
  4. need help for new 5 gallon nano tank.

    mhmm do you happen to know the price? and uhm where can i buy it? i appriciate all your help guys
  5. Cher's Biocube 14 - FTS

    its my favorite tank on this site. im new at nano reef tanks and this is just an inspiration.. hope u dont mind but ima make my tank kinda similar to yours.
  6. need help for new 5 gallon nano tank.

    mhmm well ive been lookin around for the past few hours and i ran into this flourecent hood for a 5 gallon tank at petco.. do u think i can use that and just replace the bulb?
  7. so today my friend gave me a 5 gallon fish tank with live sand,a heater and a pump, i want to get started on it as soon as possible, but i cannot find a light fixture that would fit on the tank. tank dimensions is 16x.8.5 anybody know where i can buy one? for a cheap price because im in a budget right now. please help.