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  1. Fiddy eleven?
  2. Most excellent.
  3. Now THAT is awesome! If the coral looks none the worse for wear I'd say it's just a really cool hitchhiker. Did you just discover him there?
  4. Awesome name!
  5. Love that contrast!
  6. Aiptasia Eating Nudis?
  7. I don't think I like the background either, it's distracting.
  8. Looks good. Have you got a build thread? I did my rock just like that.
  9. Hmm, that's interesting. I know mine were pretty intense right as the flesh was sloughing off the skeleton, but I think I was doin it wrong.
  10. What are they under now? Resonance, I'm pretty sure that looks like a healthy polyp to me...
  11. Nice! I have a feeling it'd only confirm the benefits of a second MP10 for me though.
  12. Great nem! I <3 your nems...
  13. Holy moly!
  14. Very cool. What are the dims on it?
  15. Sorry to see that. What kind of nem is it?