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  1. The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    More pictures, less words... Please
  2. Last of my Stuff

    Sorry, NR was making me wait to respond and I thought I got them all. Anyway, Osmolator and MP10 are sold. Buyer in line for the heater, so this thread is pretty much closed.
  3. Last of my Stuff

    PM's replied.
  4. Last of my Stuff

    All that's left is the MP10wES. I'm open to offers folks!
  5. Last of my Stuff

    Replied sir, Osmolator pending.
  6. Keydiver's 24x18x24 exo-terra vivarium

    Do these guys make noise? Frogs have interested me for a while but never pulled the trigger.
  7. Last of my Stuff

    It's been a while since I've had water in the tank and I don't think I'll be able to set up a tank in my next place so I'm going to get rid of the last of it. Everything was used between six and nine months. PM is key. I've got: Vortech MP10wES - $200 (this is the wireless version) Jager Heater - $20 Tunze Osmolator - $110
  8. Changing Setups, stuff FS

    Update, SWC and Eheim are sold. All else available.
  9. Changing Setups, stuff FS

    Alright, Ebo Jager's back up for sale.
  10. Changing Setups, stuff FS

    Sorry guys, forgot I only had room for 50 PMs, I'll shoot some out to ya. Kierik, I got it gonna send it out today.
  11. Changing Setups, stuff FS

    Yeah, I wouldn't go that high, it was intended for a 75g tank a while ago. This.
  12. Changing Setups, stuff FS

    Ebo Jager is pending payment. Offers on SWC replied.
  13. Changing Setups, stuff FS

    Hey guys, looks like I'll be changing setups and so I've got a few things on the chopping block. First:SOLD SWC 160 Cone Skimmer. It's been in use for around six months, I cleaned it thoroughly about a month ago and it's been sittin' dry ever since. I won't have pictures up today, but I'll try and get them tomorrow. It's $275 new, I'll be selling mine for $230 shipped. I'll include all the paperwork I got with it and anyone will vouch for Luke's customer service if you need anything post-sale. Second:SOLD Eheim 1250 Hobby Pump. It's also about six months in use but it has a slight defect. One of the "feet" broke off on me. It doesn't affect it if you're keeping it in-sump, but you may have an issue if you're trying to mount it outside. I also have all the pieces/paperwork for this. Since one of the feet is broken off, I'll sell it for $60 shipped ($105 new). Misc: Marineland 300w Submersible Heater $20 shipped, I have the original box so I'll ship it in that. Jager 75w Heater $20 shipped, the glass is thicker on here and it seems really well built but I've had it hooked up to a RKL since I bought it. PM's are key. Cayman
  14. FS ATI PM 6x24w

    Workin on it. I thought I had it sold so I've been lazy
  15. what refractometer should I go with

    Honestly, they're all about the same in the $50 range. I'm sure Hanna makes a wildly accurate one for $$$ but I'd pick the cheapest one. I've got that one that comes in the grey case - works just like it should, much more reliable than a hygrometer. Make sure to calibrate it with the solution, not RO/DI water. Good luck.