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  1. uwdanno

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    100% over complicating things! I have never subscribed to dosing anything - no trace elements, no parameter chasers etc.... and feel like I have had really great success with difficult SPS. Color and growth has always been solid. Water changes and patience are all you ever need to run a long term reef. The ONLY exception I have made is Fluco. That stuff is incredible and I am never with out it.
  2. No joke. I find mine requiring so much attention. I honestly hate it
  3. I ran a 20 gallon for 2 years without a skimmer and my tank has never looked better. The corals loved the nutrients. Growth and color was amazing. I added a skimmer about a year ago because I didn’t have the time to do weekly water changes anymore. Without a skimmer I ran a carbon reactor and occasionally GFO
  4. uwdanno

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **RIP**

    Haven't checked in on your tank in awhile. Much change, such cool! Looks great! I am jealous.
  5. uwdanno

    Ammonia Spike from Dead Snail

    My two cents - Don't overreact. Just keep doing water changes and it'll get back to normal. I've never used chemicals to counter spikes and always had great luck with patience and water changes. I know that chems have definitely have worked for others though.
  6. uwdanno

    NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Really nice! Thanks for sharing Dave. I can imagine a bit of stress when that Walt Disney had some STN.
  7. uwdanno


    amazing! Is this your tank? I went through your threads and couldnt find any FTS or details
  8. It’s a torch not a goni 😉
  9. I wish. Clown pays almost no attention to it 😞
  10. Current fav is my Gold Torch. I got it as a single head and it’s splitting it’s fourth now.
  11. uwdanno

    Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Thanks for the ping! Tanks is still going and doing well. I'm not putting in the fine tuned effort that I was a year ago but I am getting decent colors and growth. I'll post a pic soon. I have one more coral to move or add to help balance out some colors. I'm waiting to post a new pic until I can get that added. Hopefully soon!
  12. I am worried about how much you are adding at any point too. How big is the tank? How many ml are you adding in one go?
  13. uwdanno

    Fusion 20 Gal Club

    added! Thanks.
  14. Looks great! Following. Is the rock structure too close to the glass on the right? You’ll want to make sure 1) you can clean the glass easy 2) you CUC can easily get back there behind the rocks to clean up. Im jealous!!
  15. uwdanno

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Looks great!