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  1. Titus' Fusion 20

    Looks like a watermelon zoa to me. New Wave is amazing. I’m there almost weekly
  2. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Not anything near term. My two girls (8 months & 2.5 yr old) keep me way too busy. I struggle to give this tank attention it needs. A shinny new tank would stress me out. For sure when they are older I'll do something bigger. 60-75 gallons would be ideal for me. 5 years down the road, nanobox is gonna be sending duo's into space.
  3. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Thanks. I've had to frag off 3-4" chunks of the gorg pretty regularly. Its very happy.
  4. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Thanks for posting this Chris. Things really grew fast in there. Weekly water changes with no skimmer kept organics available but never out of control. I'm still loving the tank and hope to continue to keep it thriving.
  5. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    How does this thread have 176 followers?
  6. lgreen's Ultimate Guide To Nano Fish

    IMO you can’t do better than a Six Line Wrasse. Amazing colors and tons of movement. My fav
  7. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Thanks. They grew like that. Something hit a sweet spot with them. The Rasta started from a small frag of 5 polyps. I’d bet there are over 125 now. Similar growth for the Sunny D’s. There are Armour of God Zoas in there too that don’t grow nearly as fast.
  8. Fusion 20 Gal Club

    It all depends how you want to stock the tank. What’s going in it?
  9. Let Me See Your Clams

    Mine tucked back in the SPS
  10. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    I'm still hoping that they come in. The mother of them all looks amazing!
  11. Diatom Issue in Established Tank

    Microbacter 7 + Coral snow. It'll be gone in a week or two. Do a search on the right mixture and dosage.
  12. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    When I feel good that my algae is 100% gone! I’m hyper conscious of putting anything nasty in somebody else’s tank
  13. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Jawbreakers from Legendary Corals. I got them from a friend about 2 years ago. His are exploding with awesome colors - green, white reds and purples. Mine are spreading like crazy but I haven't had any colors splash in yet. Its the first thing I check when I look at the tank... colors yet?!
  14. Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Lost my JoL a few months back to an Alk spike. Loved this coral! Debating whether to replace or not. The LFS has frags for $30 Couple other random pics I scrolled through..