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  1. uwdanno


    Slanted tank is a game changer.
  2. uwdanno


    Great tank!
  3. uwdanno

    Will acan grow over dead heads?

    Ray is correct. They will regrow over the dead spots. Mine have done it several times.
  4. uwdanno

    UWDanno - New Build. Shelf Rock Island

    Great to know. I feel like this is really high pressure to get it right! Hoping the BTA and I both like the same spot. The Black Widows are really cool looking. I have been checking them out since you mentioned them. I am pumped.
  5. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Thanks for the kind words! ~77 degrees I use basic Instant Ocean but I like Red Sea Coral Pro the best. I stay as close to 1.025 as possible. I use a custom Radion profile, check back a couple pages. I think I posted it a bit ago. I don't think spin stream are necessary. I would prioritize the right flow from the powerhead in the tank first. The spin stream is just a nice to have. Good luck!!
  6. uwdanno

    UWDanno - New Build. Shelf Rock Island

    Good call. I am planning to put it mid light with mid flow. Is that about what you currently have them at?
  7. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    100% will have the Psammacora for you. Are you still working downtown?
  8. uwdanno

    UWDanno - New Build. Shelf Rock Island

    I am definitely nervous. I can't find a lot of solid reading around adding new rock to and existing tank. The water and sand bed will all be the same - so I will have a lot of good bacteria from that, but I am nervous about the cycle on the rocks. BRS just sent out a video that focuses on a 4 month cycle. No chance I can wait that long. If you aren't doing it for 3-6 months, it might be worth getting your rock to cycle now. I have been taking water out of the display tank and adding it to the cycle bucket to get the goodness in there. Tonight I am hoping to get a sizable live rock from the tank to add to the bucket. Corals I plan on keeping... LPS Gold Torch Frogspawn Acan Dragon Soul Favia Ice Blue Leptastria SPS Red Planet Colony Tenuis Setosa Red Dragon Not sure yet on the Orange Digi, Green Slimmer, Mummy Eye Chalice and Ponape Birdsnest I want more of a clean look rather than an every inch of the rock is covered look.
  9. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    New build thread! Same tank but pulling all the existing rock out and putting in new shelf rock. A
  10. Working on a reboot! Same tank, new scape. I will be pulling all the rock out of my tank and removing all the corals for a completely new Aquascape. A couple goals... Empty sand bed Space for corals to grow on ledges More LPS Bommie style In my previous scape the SPS started growing into each other and a couple pieces were becoming very dominant. It was going to be a major problem. For this design I want one coral per shelf/ledge. Top will be a couple SPS mini colony’s, mid will be acans and favias, bottom will be euphyllia, goni’s and jawbreakers I ordered all shelf rock from BRS and it’s cycling now until mid Jan.
  11. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Fuzzy sticks are the best. Millie's are my fav. I have two pieces of the shelf rock coming from BRS. I want to keep a similar set up to current with the two islands. Right island will stay the same - Birdsnest, Setosa. Lepto, Zoas and Chalice. The left rock I want to use the shelf rock to create a torch landing. I am thinking 3-4 various colored torches. Below the shelf I want to do small gardens on the sandbed - Acan, rock flower nems, Jawbreak. The torches aren't super colorful so I want to make up for that with vibrant gardens. The gardens will be tight to the rock structure so the overall all look and sandbed resemble Bommie style I'm finding myself getting inspiration from the @DaveFason thread often now. I love all the Favias and Chalice's.
  12. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    I think I will keep my Setosa, Ponape, and Slimmer in the LPS tank. So it'll definitely be a mixed reef. I am just feeling unmotivated by SPS lately. I feel like I researched and focused on them so heavily that I don't find them as interesting now. LPS seems a bit like a new world to me again.
  13. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Fully agree. I find myself starring at my gold torch and jawbreakers more than anything in the tank. I cant wait to have a rock full of hammers and torches. It feels good to be researching new corals I am not overly familiar with.
  14. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Sorry for the delay! I work in retail and its madness this time of year. Your tank looks REALLY nice. I love the scape and corals so far! Honestly it sounds like you are doing everything right. Nothing jumps out to me as a flag. What are you running for filtration? To me, I have to attribute the well being of my take with 15-20% water changes every week, no exceptions. When my tank is at its best, its because I have been diligent on WC's for months. There is nothing better. I am currently going through a rough patch and its because I haven't been able to keep up with water changes. I wish I had amazing advice, but I rarely test my water parameters and I don't use a par meter. I keep it really basic and simple I wouldn't stress it too much. I lost a lot of corals along the way and still don't know why. If I were you, I'd just stay the course and let things continue to find their groove. It will come around. Related/unrelated - I am really considering moving to an LPS tank. SPS is the real test of a reefers patience but I am finding myself more drawn to the movement in tanks now a days. I am mentally drawing up plans to make the switch.
  15. uwdanno

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Current scape. I just need a to find a new home for the Gorg and I am done.