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  1. ah ok. That's what I suspected but I couldn't tell for sure if they were crabs or just part of the corals coloration lol. Is there a specific concern you have with them or just trying to get more information?
  2. Wait.. where are the crabs LOL. I feel my colorblindness might be working against me for this pic.
  3. If you use tap water for top off or mixing salt that can cause them. My RO//DI recently went to shit and I had to start using tap temporarily for a bit until I can replace it. I got diatom blooms immediately. They do go away over time.
  4. Oh my bad. I thought she was saying her tank was bare bottom and her conch goes up on the glass. My work day just started and I haven't had my coffee yet. 😄
  5. I like asterinas. They are a low risk micro cleaner that helps out with cleaning small cracks in rocks and such. There are a toooon of different species of them and it seems only a tiny tiny fraction, like 1% or less, are actually a coral risk and even that might not be true. Most of what you hear about them comes from reefers making uneducated guesses because something is dying in their tank then blaming whatever creature happens to be nearest to it. I've noticed when I have a coral that's dying, for example an acro I have right now because of a water issue I had, my hermits now like to pick at it and were I quick to judge I'd probably say the hermits killed it, but I know for a fact before that coral started having issues the hermits never touched it. It wasn't until after it started dying that it became a food source. Many detrivores act like this. Some are even beneficial to creatures because they eat the dying/necrotic flesh and not the healthy similar to how we use maggots for people with crazy infections and stuff in modern medicine today.
  6. How long have you had the conchs in your system as bare bottom? It can take months to years for them to slowly starve to death.
  7. When you feed the fish the pistol will get some, but you CAN toss it a pellet or something if you want, just don't over feed your tank.
  8. See! Told ya. They find each other in vast ocean reefs, they will definitely find each other in a small tank. 😄 As the goby grows up it will get more comfortable with you and the other inhabitants as well. Mine just recently started swimming all the way to the surface to get dried bloodworms that float on the top that I feed my possum wrasse with. I've had my Goby for about 8 months now and he JUST started doing this. He also will swim out of his hole and hover in front of the glass where ever I'm at looking at the tank. He knows his food comes from me. Also gets excited when he sees me pick up the bottle of food lol. Just keep your tank stable, don't over feed. No need to target feed the pistol or anything, he eats goby left overs and will scavenge your sand bed as well. If you provide lots of rock rubble pieces and old shells he will use that to build his home and spend less time stealing snails and frags as building materials.
  9. Stomatella snails are broadcast spawners. They rise up on their foot and shoot puffs of love goop into the water flow. also, those look like Cerith eggs to me.
  10. Those nems have some T H I C C bubble action going on. nice!
  11. Those are portable, self powered, self feeding coral and fish treats.
  12. TBS rock is sooooooo awesome for the life. When I finally move into a house and am able to do a proper larger tank build I plan on ordering from them again. Last time I did was about 8 years ago and it was amazeballs. I am a weird invert lover though so it was especially fun for me. I'll take mystery worms, crabs and other life I can't explain over generic shop coral and fish any day. 😄 Take lots of pics!
  13. You don't. They will find each other on their own and become best buds. It can take anywhere from a day to many weeks too many months. Don't try to force it or you risk one hurting the other.
  14. He'll learn to love you in his own brutal way the more you feed him over time. 😄 Hopefully you are into BDSM.
  15. Crazy to think they are so expensive there. Sexy shrimp are super cheap here in the states. For the cost of 2 meals at mcdonalds I can buy one. They cost roughly 15 bucks here on average. Sometimes as low as ten but never higher than 20.
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