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  1. Strange flatworm

    Prazipro also kills flatworms, is safe for everything else, and also takes out flukes and some fish specific parasites.
  2. Need shrimp and/or crab stocking ideas.

    You sir are in for a treat! Never heard of a mantis shrimp! ONLY THE MOST AMAZING CREATURE EVER! Best vision in the entire world. NASA uses research on their eyes for making satellites. Yup. One of the strongest punchers in the world. Mine has blown a clean hole through the body of a fiddler crab in one pop. just BAM and it looked like I shot a pellet gun at point blank range on the crabs body top to bottom. Amazing coloration, amazingly smart, some chase laser pointers like cats. Good for nano's, some species are high light reef friendly. Only downside, they are agressive predators. You cannot keep certain types of other things with them or they will kill and eat em. i.e. crabs with smasher species of mantis. Check the sticky and the mantis shrimp thread here. Also http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/arthropoda/cr...traca/royslist/ Also, on reef central there is a dedicated forum for mantis shrimp lovers like me.
  3. Pistol shrimp and goby

    You can't make them move no matter what anyway. Just wait it out and feed the FRONT of the tank where you want them and they will slowly build tunnels all over and eventually be in a spot you can see em.
  4. Do RBTA tend to sting people if handling?

    I've been stung by all sorts of stuff in my tank. Generally I get rashes or small blisters depending on what it is.
  5. The Official Mantis Shrimp Owners Thread

    Peacocks roam a lot. Where do you get the idea they only sit in their burrows all the time? My GT doesn't roam NEARLY as much as a peacock and he is out ALL THE TIME wandering, hunting, being nosey, watching TV and xbox get played..
  6. Need shrimp and/or crab stocking ideas.

    I'd get other inverts besides a harlequin. For all the reasons the other poster stated, plus water quality is a b iiiitttzzzzzzz in that small of a tank feeding large stars to the shrimp when the asterina's run out. There are TONS of cool inverts if you look hard enough. You could always ditch the shrimp and crab and get a mantis. They are awesomesauces.
  7. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    I hear that if your a chick and you post boobie pics then it's your BF that's the tool, not you. SOLUTION FOUND!
  8. The Official Mantis Shrimp Owners Thread

    detroitmetal, looks like a smithii to me. Purple meral spot? Def not a peacock. I don't have a build thread here, but I have a 40 B with a G. Ternatensis named Googly. He's a pile of awesomesauces.
  9. Hitchhiker crab id

    He wont EAT your coral, just as others hasve said, he will decorate himself with it. Some people like it, some people get pissy at them. I have a pest tank that my mantis is in (my favorite pet!) and I will gladly take him off your hands if you don't mind shipping him. I need to find out if Googly the mantis will hunt deco crabs or not like others. Trying to find compatible tank mates for a mantis is a bit of a pain, and expensive if you are buying the animals.
  10. Starfish ID

    If you dont mind covering shipping, or getting me a price on how much it would cost to ship him I will take him off your hands as I have a mantis tank he would be perfect for even if he is a coral eater. Using USPS and sending in those flat rate boxes would be the best for me. I can't afford a $30 over night either for such a risky animal. Risky in both its possible diet as well as surviving the trip.
  11. Starfish ID

    I'll give it a home in my mantis tank if you want to ship it to me priority mail. He should survive a 2 day mail trip if packed properly.
  12. Starfish ID

    I'll take it off your hands but I don't think I want to pay for it really. Maybe 5 bucks
  13. Cool Snails,

    ninja star snails look cewlioz
  14. Snail - shape like Amonit

    That things is pretty. I suggest you pop over to that OTHER site that bears the letters RC in its name and ask Leslie or pagodajoe.
  15. Hermit ID

    look up left handed hermit and.Calcinus Tibicen Her is a good link Its not in english but you dont need the language to get it http://www.recif.be/article/hermit.htm Also figure out how to change the colors on your camera so it shoots them accurately, I can't tell anything from that pic.