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  1. mndfreeze

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    When you feed the fish the pistol will get some, but you CAN toss it a pellet or something if you want, just don't over feed your tank.
  2. mndfreeze

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    See! Told ya. They find each other in vast ocean reefs, they will definitely find each other in a small tank. 😄 As the goby grows up it will get more comfortable with you and the other inhabitants as well. Mine just recently started swimming all the way to the surface to get dried bloodworms that float on the top that I feed my possum wrasse with. I've had my Goby for about 8 months now and he JUST started doing this. He also will swim out of his hole and hover in front of the glass where ever I'm at looking at the tank. He knows his food comes from me. Also gets excited when he sees me pick up the bottle of food lol. Just keep your tank stable, don't over feed. No need to target feed the pistol or anything, he eats goby left overs and will scavenge your sand bed as well. If you provide lots of rock rubble pieces and old shells he will use that to build his home and spend less time stealing snails and frags as building materials.
  3. mndfreeze

    Is this a worm?

    Stomatella snails are broadcast spawners. They rise up on their foot and shoot puffs of love goop into the water flow. also, those look like Cerith eggs to me.
  4. mndfreeze

    BTA odd Tentacle

    Those nems have some T H I C C bubble action going on. nice!
  5. mndfreeze

    Help ID please

    Those are portable, self powered, self feeding coral and fish treats.
  6. TBS rock is sooooooo awesome for the life. When I finally move into a house and am able to do a proper larger tank build I plan on ordering from them again. Last time I did was about 8 years ago and it was amazeballs. I am a weird invert lover though so it was especially fun for me. I'll take mystery worms, crabs and other life I can't explain over generic shop coral and fish any day. 😄 Take lots of pics!
  7. mndfreeze

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    You don't. They will find each other on their own and become best buds. It can take anywhere from a day to many weeks too many months. Don't try to force it or you risk one hurting the other.
  8. mndfreeze

    Smithii Mantis Shrimp beginners discussion

    He'll learn to love you in his own brutal way the more you feed him over time. 😄 Hopefully you are into BDSM.
  9. mndfreeze

    One Stop Guide for Your Shrimp!

    Crazy to think they are so expensive there. Sexy shrimp are super cheap here in the states. For the cost of 2 meals at mcdonalds I can buy one. They cost roughly 15 bucks here on average. Sometimes as low as ten but never higher than 20.
  10. mndfreeze

    Conchs and bare bottom

    It's probably going to starve to death over many months. 😞 There is a recommended amount of sand bed (measured in feet) to keep conchs usually. Can't remember it offhand but sand is pretty crucial for their health. Their little hoover mouth goes around sand grains and down into it as well to get the bits they like to eat. IMO, you should rehome it if you are going to switch. Even though its a fairly simple life form it's not fair to slowly kill it with a bad environment and it's a bad way to be a pet owner.
  11. mndfreeze

    Reliable Aiptasia eater, suitable for a nano

    Erm. Berghia are tiny. How would they nuke a tank? Maybe a ton of them in a pico or something, but even in large numbers in a normal nano tank they would have the impact of say a few bristle worms dying or something. They are not like sea apples with super toxic poison and stuff. I'm thinking of ordering some when the temps warm up around the country. They are really hard to find. I have a massive aiptasia outbreak going on that I'm trying to hold back with aiptasia X, a high powered laser, and frustrated angry grunts. Usually when you run out of aiptasia its best to try to capture as many of them as you can, especially if they bred in your tank for a while and sell or trade them to another local reefer. Aiptasia are a scourge that I'd love if we could wipe off the damn planet. lol.
  12. mndfreeze

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    How's the wrasse been with the new pistol? six lines are super assholes. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed your original YWG. Especially in a smaller tank where territory is at a premium. Your goby might still be alive and just hiding deep in your rock work since he doesn't have a pistol to dig him a home. My YWG was only maybe an inch long in total when I got him and he acted super strange until I introduced a new pistol for him to bond too. I have a possum wrasse. He is super adorable, tiny, and the most peaceful but energetic fish I've ever seen. So glad I got him instead of another more common wrasse species. Only issue I have with him is he is super picky on eating. Little bastard will only eat dried bloodworms. Not mysis, krill, brine, flake, pellets, nothiinng eellseeee. He does nom live amphipods though.
  13. mndfreeze

    Smithii Mantis Shrimp beginners discussion

    That's a threat display. He's probably a bit self conscious and doesn't want you staring. 😄
  14. mndfreeze

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    6 lines are assholes, and notorious invert killers. You definitely need to release the shrimp after the lights are out and the fish is asleep, directly into the rocks where he can't get it. At least it wasnt your goby that killed him. That's what happened to me. My LFS keeps their critters in separate critter container things hooked up to a large piping system. The candy cane pistol and baby yellow watchman were separate. LFS decided they should bag them together for some dumb reason so they were not bonded or anything. While acclimating the YWG tore the pistol in half. Assholes only gave me half credit for it too. Needless to say I don't shop there anymore.
  15. mndfreeze

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    My arsehole tiger decided to drag a 20 head acan plug down next to my blasto when I was asleep. I woke up to the bottom of the blasto exuding guts and eating the acans. I lost half the colony or so. Keep that in mind when housing a pistol. They move stuff around, a LOT. I cannot have any loose coral on my sand bed unless they are so heavy he can't move em (they are stronger then you think) and he sometimes piles sand on em too.