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  1. 2 x Jebao RW4 pumps $80

    If you're willing to ship let me know.
  2. Here are pictures, I haven't given them a bath yet but they got one maybe a month and a half ago that's why they don't look too dirty. They both work perfectly, never had any issues.
  3. They are a little over a year old. I'll try and get some pics up before I head to work in a few minutes.
  4. Clownfish pairs- in your experience

    I have a Misbar True Percula & a Wyoming White in a 20g shallow. The Perc was paired with another perch but was split up the day I went in to pick them up and I was basically given the Wyoming White so I tested the waters. I'm 90% sure the the Perc I have was the female of the pair and she is getting along fine with the White. They stick together for the most part and the White submits to the Perc but they definitely aren't a pair. Hopefully it gets to that point since they get along without any issues thus far.
  5. Would you be interested in selling the dimming module separately?
  6. Selling 2 used Koralia 425's, picked up a wave maker and no longer need them. They will have a fresh vinegar bath before being sold and have one original box. Shipping from Martinez, CA. $40 local pick up $45 Shipped.
  7. Anyone get their hands on a wp-10 yet?

    Mine will be here tomorrow, I haven't seen anyone running one in a shallow so hopefully I'll have my build thread up by the end of the weekend to show how it works. If not I'll post a video comparing the wp10 to my two Koralia 425s that are currently running in my 20g shallow.
  8. Elos 120 Build

    Sad to see the tank go but I'll be looking forward to the restart/upgrade.
  9. Elos 120 Build

    I completely forgot about this thread, I remember seeing this tank when you had recently got it while I picked up a Koralia Nano from you a couple years ago. The progress is amazing, congrats man. Hope you got the tank crash under control and I'll definitely have to get in touch with you for some frags in the near future.
  10. DIY Acrylic Tank from Scratch?

    Depending on where you source your acrylic, cell cast can cost more than glass in most cases. Acrylic is more likely to require a bracing system as well, just a heads up if you were thinking of going rimless.
  11. FS: Zoas and other

    Interested in the Armageddons if they're still available.
  12. FS: CPR-SR3 Skimmer with pump

    Reduced price or pm with offer.
  13. Seems to be a promising product, looking forward to it's release.