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  1. Fluval Sea Marine Salt?

    Exactly, I asked so people can give THEIR reviews of the product if any are out there. So funny how people are so quick to give negative feedback with out even using the product. Fluval makes good stuff. Nothing is perfect. Even the best of aquarium products have issues. ANYWAY.....
  2. I cant believe people pay this guy !

    My belief is if you are going to start something then YOU should be responsible for maintaining it. No matter what outdated equipment or not. the problem with wealthy people is they wanna pay someone to do everything, even clean a tank that only takes 20 min a week to do. So they don't care about who is hired to do the job, what equipment is used, as long as the job gets done. My philosophy is money or no money take pride in your investment and clean the s*** yourself! Everything Mr. Saltwater tank says and LA fish guy is nothing but $$$$$$ signs. Anything to get a buck, for example pointless books they sell that anyone can just research and print at home. Maintaining a salt water tank is not rocket science and can be done with minimal money. People just want the latest and "greatest" that's out there because its a trend.
  3. Fluval Sea Marine Salt?

    Hey, just wondering if anybody has tried Fluval's new marine salt mix? I ordered a small bag to see how I like it. Hagen makes some really good stuff so I would expect quality with their new Sea line. If anyone has tried it please provide any feedback and experiences. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys I'm looking to buy a nanotuners fluval edge LED fixture. I know the company went out of business a while ago, but i'm sure someone out there is selling one. PM me with price and info. Thanks
  5. WTB Platinum Clownfish

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a platinum clownfish. If you can do less than 140.00 please let me know or PM me.
  6. That is a very generous thing you are doing. I live in TX but I understand the hurricane is causing tons of damage. I hope you do reach some people and it's good to see there are still good people out there willing to help others in need. I don't know if you will reach many seeing that there is no power and i'm sure getting online is the least of people's concern but hopefully somehow you will get replies. Good luck
  7. Is my tank done cycling?

    Hi everyone, I just set up my fluval edge from scratch a week ago. I've been dosing seachem stability daily and have 2 clownfish since day one. I always cycle with stability and fish since the bacteria needs an ammonia source. However, I saw the increase in ammonia which lasted about 3 or 4 days. after that the nitrite raised very slightly which lasted 2 days. After that I tested Ammonia=0 Nitrite=0 and Nitrate=0. There was no nitrate spike. Isn't there suppose to be one during the last stage of cycling?

    Hi. Does anybody know if ADA BIO-RIO can be used in reef aquaria? If so does it need replacing or no? Thanks.
  9. WTB bubble tip anemone

    I'm located in Texas.
  10. WTB bubble tip anemone

    The color doesn't matter I like both red and green. But I'm looking to save money so I guess green is a lot cheaper.
  11. WTB bubble tip anemone

    If anyone is selling a bubble tip anemone please PM me. A decent size with a good price. My LFS asks ridiculous prices on anemones. Thanks.
  12. Nanotuners Fluval edge LEDs

    Thanks but I need all white LED's or know where to purchase some for that fixture.
  13. Nanotuners Fluval edge LEDs

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase strips of the edison opto for my fluval edge nanotuners led fixture. Since the company went out of business I have no clue where to find these. Any one who can help is gladly appreciated.
  14. Blue Stripe Pipefish Care?

    Because of the LED's. Even with the fan it has it won't go below 81. The highest temp for reef anyway is 84. All my fish and corals have been fine with 81-82 temp for a year now. Good i'll feed him all those then. I'll start with the live brine. Now, i've never done live brine before. The kit makes a liter filled with tons of them. Am I suppose to feed the tank the whole amount or can I keep them in the coke bottle for days? Also how could I keep a steadily supply of live baby brine?
  15. Blue Stripe Pipefish Care?