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    Mainly my reef obbsession, my beautiful girlfriend and music making, which I haven't done in a little while, but I miss it. I can't get enough of this fishy business
  1. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    Sorry, havent checked this site in a while. I've put this project on hold as I've been busy helping out my dad since his open heart surgery. Don't have spare time to focus on the food source and I am trying to keep up with regular maintenance on my 65g and 12g. Hopefully I can continue this tank in the future sometime as I really like these tiny seahorses.
  2. Deeznutz 1.2 HD pico

    This pic looks like the little Pixar animation light looking over your tank
  3. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    I suppose. I'll snap some pics, but I won't be able to post them until after the 11th.
  4. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    It's just sitting waiting. Got the new light on it, also got some nasty algae growing on the sand bed, I'll have to go in and clean that up. The feather caulerpa is spreading its root along the glass in the back and the front end. I'll take some pics when its not so ugly lol. I've noticed that in the back chambers the water is oily on the surface. Not sure how to get rid of this. Should I make the holes bigger where the water enters the back?
  5. 2.5 Gallon RBTA Pico Reef

    That last pic makes the tank look huge! Looks good
  6. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    and -1 for not reading the thread . I think my orange spot filefish was harder to feed than these will be, however these will need constant live food which isn't hard, just time consuming. You have to be committed to it if you are going to try it. I'll see if I can take longer videos then a few seconds with my camera whenever I get them. I'm hoping to maybe get a macro lens for Christmas so I can get better detailed pics of these tiny creatures. Thanks for all the feedback and following along everyone!
  7. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    Couldn't help myself. Just ordered this. http://www.ecoxotic.com/aquarium-led-light...led-module.html I was gonna use this money for the horses when it came time, but I figured it would be better to buy the light first so their hitching posts can survive.
  8. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    I have two ecoxotic panorama fixtures over my 65 as well as 4 blue stunner strips. I saw the RGB pro module that looked pretty cool. I might try that when I get the extra cash. It'd be nice to switch colors up. I'm definitely gonna get them for my 12g as I'm converting that tank into an nps tank. That way I can just use the red lighting and put on different lighting for viewing/photographing. Amazing technology LEDs. At least for small tanks.
  9. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    Red Gracilaria and flame algae. I got them off reefcleaners.org. I think they need stronger lighting however, or maybe it was just too soon to add them. We'll see if they make it or not. The fern caulerpa however is thriving and growing taller each day it seems.
  10. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    I'm finally getting some diatoms I believe. I threw in some macro about a week ago when there was still some ammonia in the tank. I'm seeing if the lights are strong enough for them. I don't think some of them are going to make it, but we'll see. Here's some pics. I don't know if I like the placement, but I don't know if I will have a choice once everything starts growing
  11. Rendog's 5.5 Gallon AC70 LED

    How do you tell the gender of sexy shrimp?
  12. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    I don't see why you can't. I did from DenverBC29. Don't know if his name's different on here.
  13. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    Daleo, here's a link to the specs on the light. Looking at that, I don't think these are a good choice light for stuff to grow. I might look around at something else. http://marineland.com/uploadedFiles/Marine...ium%20Light.pdf Brandon, I don't have any yet. Tank is still cycling. I probably won't have any for a while until I establish a good pod population and get some good macro hitches going.
  14. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    If it didn't, I'd be surprised. If pc light can keep frogspawns kicking, I shouldn't see why there would be a problem with this led fixture. Unless if someone here has this fixture and knows otherwise?
  15. 2.5 dwarf seahorse tank

    Rosti, I'd think with enough flow you could do sps, but I'm not sure with the LEDs I have. I have LEDs on my 65 and sps does great, as well as my Frogspawn towards the bottom so I'd imagine in a 2.5 the lighting should be plenty. lljdma06, do you have a thread on your nps tank? I asked on another forum and they made it seem like it would be impossible to keep such a small tank as an nps.