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  1. My 20 gallon slice of the Oh-chin

    Here's my livestock pictures. Nothing spectacular yet.
  2. Too many sps? Too much coral?

    Way too many corals... send some to me
  3. Background My fiance started this tank for me in November after my parents finished the basement of their house and turned it into an apartment for us. The tank is an upgrade from a standard 10 gallon tank (my first) and is what got me interested in Saltwater. Enough background, here are some pictures of the tank as it stands today. Front Back AC70 with inTank media basket DIY Dimmable LEDs DIY Screen Top Angle Photo Thanks for looking! I need to get better taking pictures so I can get some livestock photos up.
  4. Rob's 56Gal.

    Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what you need. Here's a link for some clear netting. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/catalo...amp;x=0&y=0 I got it and I love it. No more carpet surfers! You should bee able to buy the framing materials at HD or lowe's.
  5. Free stuff Free stuff

    PM sent.
  6. Mini-Dude's seller feedback thread

    I bought an AC70 inTank media basket from Mini last week. Emails were quick, packing was great and he even through in some extra filter floss to bunk. Great seller, will probably hit him up for some stuff again. Thanks Mini!
  7. I'm looking for a pc4 or 2 that goes with the RKL to be shipped to 40475. Also looking for 1-2 par38's. Prefer the 20k color over the 12-14k. Thanks.
  8. I have a 10g Frag tank set up for my zoas, with a single par38 pendant style fixture over it as shown: The bulb isn't making the zoas pop like I wanted so I was going to add some blue LEDs inside the fixture as an accent. With the fixture being so high from the tank I'm not sure as to how many / which kind of LEDs I should go with. I wanted to keep this as cheap as possibly, too.
  9. Combining ecoxotic par38 lights

    Thanks for the heads up, iDream. I read that thread and it led me to a thread by evilc66: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=233904&hl= In his first post he says: "LED replacement - Can you replace an LED if it's damaged or you want something different? Sure, but it's a lot more complicated than just swapping out a star pcb. All the LEDs are on a single large pcb, and you would have to use reflow soldering techniques to replace the LEDs. If you are going to do it, go for it. It will void any warranty though." I take it from this that I'll have to re-solder the lights I'm switching using a toaster oven? This may be a little over my head.
  10. Combining ecoxotic par38 lights

    Good deal, thanks for your input, Bishop. I'll tinker with it more in the morning, I think.
  11. Quick idea for the par38's: this is mine from ikea, cost 10 for the shade and 4 for the cord, over my 10g frag tank: Just an iPhone pic but it may give you an idea. HTH
  12. Combining ecoxotic par38 lights

    I thought so too so I took out a couple screws. This is what I found: It looks like after I detached that wire there is a solid heat sink in the way. Any idea on how to get a closer look at the light and optics themselves?