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  1. I was at an LFS today in town and they had some Deep Blue Promaxx 100/200 sumps/refugiums hanging out on a shelf in back, collecting major dust. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do about my 40b, and one option is a sump in stand so this was interesting. They wanted $199, so I figured I would research when I got home and I can't find anything on this sump besides a few links to retailers with sparse info. Looks like this: They had one set up under a 60g cube tank and it looked pretty solid, and looks like it has been running for a long time. They had the center fuge part lit and it was full of chaeto and the tank looked great. Anyone have one of these or heard of them? Any other sumps around that price I should look at as well? edit: This one looks good and you can actually find info on it! http://www.eshopps.com/products/filters/reefsumps/rs100/
  2. dcmix5

    40B Build starting on low budget

    My stand arrived today so I will be starting my 40b sooner than I expected...that is if I actually start it
  3. dcmix5

    40B Build starting on low budget

    It is a box of rocks...literally
  4. I see the SE-350-48 referenced on this page: http://www.rapidled.com/led-university-1/ Not sure if that helps.
  5. dcmix5

    40B Build starting on low budget

    I'm also starting a 40b that I got last year at the $1/Gallon sale. I ordered a custom oak stand, finished black for $200 shipped. I figured that was a good deal considering I can't build anything straight to save my life. I'm debating about going bare bottom and I have been chatting with theatrus here about running 2 of the AcroStar Mega4Z 20k Blue (48W) - https://blueacro.com/acrostar/ I already have the Bluefish controller and plan on getting a Makers slim heatsink, so all told I am probably going to be in for $250 or so on the lighting. My next battle is whether or not I am going to go with a sump. I will be following along to see how your build ends up, because I am a good 2 months out on getting going.
  6. Got anything for a 40 breeder?
  7. I had to put it in a corner and it has been difficult to get to when cleaning. The lid hinges have snapped so many times I stopped replacing them. The rock layout I went with turned out to be a maintenance issue too, and I wouldn't mind just going bigger with a lot more space to work with. Light budget? Not exactly sure...just trying to figure out what coverage I would need while possibly utilizing the Bluefish a bit more.
  8. I'm way beyond bored of my 24g pain in the ass nano cube so, I picked up a 40b from the $1 per gallon sale at Petco last year and I ordered a custom oak stand for it the other day on a whim ($200 delivered) for it. I am setting this tank up in my home office on one wall where I should have plenty of room to get under it and on 3 sides of it. I haven't really been paying attention to lighting and equipment over the past 2-3 years, but I don't think I will be housing anything more than 2-3 fish, some zoas and maybe an anemone. I'm also struggling with bare bottom vs. sand, sump vs. no sump w/HOB, but if I can't get an idea on lights, I can't get rolling at all. In order to take advantage of the Bluefish, and the size of the 40b, anyone have a build suggestion or build they are using over their own tank for lighting? I want to avoid T5 and MH, etc, just LED.
  9. dcmix5


    are you afraid of the fish jumping out?
  10. dcmix5

    Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner

    This needs more updates
  11. dcmix5

    Vibrant Aquarium Cleaner

    You should see my tank right now. If this works I will cry tears of joy.
  12. dcmix5

    $40 for a 40b

    What overflow did you use?
  13. dcmix5

    $40 for a 40b

    Wooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee those ghost overflows are pricey!
  14. dcmix5

    $40 for a 40b

    What are you doing for a stand?
  15. dcmix5

    $40 for a 40b

    Sand... My last sump spit water and salt everywhere...I guess I would really have to look into the design this time because it was a huge pain in the ass.