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  1. Moon Lights

    Mine are on 24/7/365 I know its not exactly green since you can't seem them during my day cycle but oh well
  2. What's with the immaturity?

    I will agree... I think some people on this site expect things to be like little league or grade school where we only use "positive criticism" (not sure thats the correct term but someone is going to tell me I'm wrong & hurt my feelings) I appreciate people coming out & saying things cause more often then not my way isn't the right way & learning the hard way sucks. So maybe these people need a special section where only positive criticism is used & mothers moderate the responses.
  3. LED Controller

    Just wondering what some people's thoughts or advise on controllers that work with specific LED drivers. I'm planning to do a DIY LED retro fit for my 14g cube. I would like to know if there was a simple method for creating a light schedule which goes beyond lights on or off. So is there such a beast that can be simply wired to the drivers which will dim the lights up & down as the day progresses? Or is this something which takes A computer programmer & an electrical engineer... I'm just afraid I'm gonna purchase a driver which isn't compatible for such an application to only have to replace them at a later date. Links to previous builds will be just perfect if it's been done before.
  4. already grown red mangroves

    Mine from John look great & have opened up in under a month & 1/2! & they currently aren't under any ideal form lighting.
  5. Help with BC14 Fish Choice

    This is the exact same situation of have with my BC14... The addition of my pistol sure made the yel. watchmen much more active. I'd go with a yasha goby & pistol shrimp.
  6. Kailyn's 5.5g AIO

    I hate to say it but the Acans or pistol shrimp could be the reason for missing babies... Either one I don't think has a preference for fry vs. mysis shrimp which are about the same size. I know for a fact my pistol is one mean son of a gun. He has just picked a part my emarld & any hermits who have even come remotely close to his tunnels. My tank was set up with the intention to have dwarfs but I didn't do the full blown dwarf set up of fake plants & bare bottom (aka boring looking tank) I figure in a month or so you'll have things figured out with the fry.
  7. Kailyn's 5.5g AIO

    Yes Hydroids are a huge risk with dwarfs. Next time you set up just use dry base rock with live sand & your risk of hydroids is much much less. BTW my 5.5 has been set up for 3 months now just waiting for some dwarfs I'd gladly take some off your hands! Pretty much goes they are either happy & breed like crazy or die off & don't mate if their requirements aren't made. So I'd say your tank is golden with how things are going with them. How are the dwarf pipes doing Never heard of them but it's growing on me to read up on them. Nice photos! I just stepped away to smoke & Bam you posted some updated shots before I submitted my post. Thats a sweet snap of the dwarf looking back out of the tank!
  8. My clownfished hosted in Green Dragon Eye Zoa's!

    My Clown hosted my pulsing xenias & hammerheads, but at night it will balance itself on top of the xenias.
  9. anyone had this prob?

    Are you sure there wasn't some pods on your zoas or possibly some other small critter he was picking at?
  10. Kailyn's 5.5g AIO

    I just love this tank... & am getting very jealous of your dwarfs. I'm just waiting to get some cash to order a few. Kinda worried my g/f is not gonna like the idea of having to set up a QT for fry. But I glad to see all your success so quickly with them. A lot of people can't get fry to last much more then a few days on the first few rounds of fry. As the horses get older supposedly they give birth to healthier fry & are better parents. Can't wait to see how things go from here on out!
  11. Kailyn's 5.5g AIO

    Nice close-ups! Thats amazing you have a fry that survived a bag birth! My suggestion is to trim your caulerpa into smaller individual specimens. That way when they go all asexual you don't lose the entire algae. It's worked like a charm with my feather
  12. Newb @ Nano-Reef.com - My 15g Hexagon

    Look at LED Par 30 / Par 38 lights, there is a ton of companies now producing them www.nanotuners.com www.boostled.com www.reefledlights.com
  13. Please Help

    Oceanic has good customer service ask the seller when he bought it... If its the ballist just call oceanic & tell them you've had it the entire time & they'll send new ones out free of charge. I've had one ballist & both fans go out & they've replaced all free of charge. $130 for a 14 gal with the stand is a good deal, without stand it's an ok deal.
  14. Kailyn's 5.5g AIO

    I know of one gal near me that has some about 30 & I offered to buy some of her fry but she hasn't ever really responded. If not I may just see if I can find someone to ship some or order them from a captive breeder. I'm not a big fan of wild caught additions to tanks but thats just a person view. I'll keep up with this to see how they do.
  15. Which PAR LED ?

    I agree that the price is right on all of them, in terms of cost vs. length the light will last. This is an interesting topic, & I'm curious as to how these boost/rapids preform since they aren't really in consumers hands yet. Which is why I haven't made the move on any yet to see what people will post on them & how well they work.