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    'There is only one way to avoid criticism:
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    - Aristotle
  1. 5.5 gallon sump ideas.

    This is my 5g sump, set up for fuge but you could put a skimmer in no problem. Them two middle baffles are the ones which determine your sump water level, as you can see mine are pretty high but it's set up with a 5g display so I don't have more that a gallon drain to worry about.
  2. DIY sea sweep.

    Great work man
  3. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Looking great mate, i'm tempted to drill my 60p... what size bulkheads did you use?
  4. Nanofreak's Z'z & P'z Paradise....

    That scape is sick man
  5. Shallow Reef

    Some update pictures, haven't got a macro lens at the moment so just documentation really. It's not been long so not too much growth but everything is colouring up nicely. Enjoy
  6. Shallow Reef

    It's really nice yeah, its made by Marine Reef Led - a UK company. The bulb contains 6 455nm Blue / 4 10'000K White / 1 4500k Warm White / 1 420nm Fiji Purple / UV LED's
  7. Shallow Reef

    Pictures of setup Below equipment cubbyhole Full Setup Added a couple more corals... Ricorda garden is in motion will post some photos in the next couple of days. Also excuse the light sticking out, I fabricated an extension for it due to no knowing how hot it would get, it's not heating up at all so I may move it further into the fixture. Thankyou for viewing
  8. Shallow Reef

    Thanks mate! keep an eye out haha
  9. Bobomb Nano Bow - Things have changed

    Get a a couple of 2x4's and g-clamp them to your bench with the glass sandwiched between, as for the cut one clean run does it, maybe smeer some oil down the cutting line before.
  10. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Man that stand is really nice, do you have any specs on that? Might have to build it hah. Looking forward to seeing this stocked... Tokyo eh.. Japanese corals... I expect to see this TOTM, not to raise the bar or anything haha
  11. Bobomb's Pico 4G Build Thread

    Love a bit of DIY mate, great job on that reactor.
  12. The FTS Thread!

    FTS 28/02/14
  13. Shallow Reef

    Thanks rehype, theres definitely inspiration from your tanks
  14. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    Looking great man, it's a slightly bigger and better version of mine hah. Can't wait to see this fully stocked
  15. Shallow Reef

    The tank before putting it together As you can see the tape had no real use in the end hah, really good for sump baffles though