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  1. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Rolling right along
  2. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Toss affected corals and rock and start over or fight them? Branching hydroids my frags from the 10g had them, I tried manual removal for a while but it’s impossible to eradicate them with just that. Came back fast and furious the past few weeks when I upped feeding
  3. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Planned to go with a softy tank, find myself buying more and more sticks..
  4. TotesMaGoat

    Kansas Bikini Bottom: IM 25 Lagoon

    Looks good! I like the scape
  5. TotesMaGoat

    James's Coralife BC29

    Super cool your pistols spawn, I’d love a pair
  6. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Dino’s either went away or it was brown cyano, after I started feeding more, added 2 cardinals and skimmed dry they went away and I had several different algaes and a little red cyano pop up. Performed a 30% wc today and will turn skimmer a little more wet. So relieved i dodged the Dino bullet. I have a couple really nice acros coming next weekend from a local reefer. The slimer and digi made me want a few more sps. Right rock scape is going to get some more acans or shrooms, and will fill some spots with some zoas or shrooms.
  7. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Yeah I just like the back and forth sway the jaebo does to the corals. Had really high expectations for it and like the larger flow pattern but just not real thrilled with it. Maybe I would have been happier with the bigger size
  8. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    It is! Thought I’d really like it but I much prefer the pulsing of the jaebo, I’m going to sell it for a rw8. Not impressed by its output, my rw4 can get my whole tank swaying, can’t say anything good about the 1k
  9. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Saw a tiny spot of this a few weeks ago, chalked it up to cyano and a new tank. I upped nutrients in the tank and added 2 cardinals as coral were washed out and nitrates/phosphates were 0. 2 days of having the skimmer off and what I think are Dino’s spread to multiple places. Had them a few years ago and after months of battles I tore down the tank. Going to switch skimmer back on and see what happens.
  10. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Picked up a few new sps pieces to celebrate getting through the first week of the new school year. bubblegum digi, green slimer, and several birdsnests. Bought from a local reefer, he was extremley generous. Time to sit back and let everything grow in. Few pics have a gel filter because my iPad can’t take pictures
  11. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Thanks I appreciate it! This was the first forum I came to when I got into the hobby, haven’t wandered too far since. those gorgs came from a lfs. I probably paid more for them vs going online but I saw it and couldn’t leave without it! Plan on getting a couple more more plumy ones like a golden rod.
  12. TotesMaGoat

    Issue with rr gold nugget monti

    You could solve all this pretty easily by writing your handle on some paper and sticking it on the front of the 150
  13. TotesMaGoat

    Joevember's 65g reef tank, breaking down my setup

    Like the scape!
  14. TotesMaGoat

    50 Breeder From Texas: Hydroids

    Tank is chugging right along! I added 2 new clowns today. Bonded pair of da Vinci clowns. Had a bad flare up of GHA so threw in a sea hare and he destroyed it in just a few days. Going let let the tank simmer with the current livestock and keep my hands out to let it settle in for the next month or two before I throw in some more softies and a gorgonian or two. Would like a nem on the middle rock where the style is but we shall see.