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  1. TotesMaGoat

    MrJDanP's Nano Reef Build - Frogspawn question

    Looks normal to me. They won’t inflate as much with more flow, but that one looks healthy as is. Mine did the same
  2. TotesMaGoat

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    Nice looking tank, I have a birds nest similar to that one in my 10 but kind of browned out and is pale looking. Not sure if it is bleached or not enough light under my lesson 160
  3. TotesMaGoat

    Aquamaxx 48: indecisive 🤷‍♂️

    Using their head loss chart it should be perfect. I only want 3-4x turnover through sump
  4. TotesMaGoat

    Aquamaxx 48: indecisive 🤷‍♂️

    Santa dropped by while I was spending some time relaxing and getting fat in New Orleans! got a 6 stage BRS rodi, icecap 1k gyre, 40lbs reef flakes sand, Red Sea salt, larger heater, and some other small stuff. Also got a few lbs of the new shelf rock from BRS, the stuff is super cool. Going to dry fit plumbing tomorrow. Still juggling the aquascspe in my head. T-minus 2 weeks until it sees water, and makes the transition from San Antonio to Houston. Inspiration
  5. TotesMaGoat

    Is it true??

    As soon as it ate my aptasia it chowed down on some of my favorite palys. Luckily mine was pretty friendly and was able to grab him by the antennas after a couple hours of trying
  6. TotesMaGoat

    The 10g Holding Tank: Post Frag Swap FTS

    Just got back from New Orleans after a week, had a friend down the street look after tank, everything looks as if I never left!😁
  7. TotesMaGoat

    The 10g Holding Tank: Post Frag Swap FTS

    These little hydroid things really took off. I got them on a frag around January or feb and they’re growing on my rocks now. They grow on the stalks of my zoas and grow by sending out runners. I’d like to get rid of them before setting up the 50, I’m going to chip everything off the rocks and manually pluck it all off before moving it over. So fare I’ve been using tweezers to clear it off frags about once a month.
  8. TotesMaGoat

    Aquamaxx 48: indecisive 🤷‍♂️

    Definitely! Plan on running chaeto in the sump as well. Official move date is now July 2nd, going to be ordering either 2 icecap 1ks or a gyre 230 along with a 5 stage spectrapure today. What do y’all think considering the flow?
  9. TotesMaGoat

    The 10g Holding Tank: Post Frag Swap FTS

    Thanks! A majority of them have come from local reefers, I have also used myreeftoyours for a few
  10. TotesMaGoat

    Aquamaxx 48: indecisive 🤷‍♂️

    I agree! And price was cheaper than if I had one with same footprint made. I’m real happy with it.
  11. TotesMaGoat

    Aquamaxx 48: indecisive 🤷‍♂️

    There’s no sealant on the wood but I think it will get okay circulation with the hole for the plumbing
  12. TotesMaGoat

    The 10g Holding Tank: Post Frag Swap FTS

    Some quick iPad pictures
  13. Howdy all! I decided to make a journal for my new tank which I have been piecing together for the past 6 months or so. I originally bought the stand and a used no name rimless 40 breeder but it had 1/4” glass. I decided a few weeks ago I wanted thicker glass and ended up ordering an aquamaxx 48. Very pleased with the construction of this tank. Side panels are 1/2”, fit and finish on everything is great. last weekend I drilled it for a 800gph modular marine overflow, and ended up drilling the drain hole on the return side. Whoops. After all that planning and waiting... well I had a schedule 80 bulkhead and decided to use that for the return, problem solved. Ugly but it will work. Hopefully that will be the biggest hiccup of the build. I am indecisive as to what kind of reef I want it to be. I initially was going to go with a mixed reef of lps & sps, then was leaning towards a softy/macro tank, I am thinking it will be mostly softies with a few stylos and some Seriatopora. My my last tank this size was thrown together quickly with all 2nd hand equipment, the overflow was super loud as it was my first time plumbing a tank, and it did not last long set up in the living room. This time around I decided I was going to do it right. Took my time planning it out (minus my drilling blunder😅) and chose equipment I knew would help it be a successful reef. My goal for the tank is low maintenance. I am a teacher and coach, and don’t always have the time during the week to show it a ton of love besides feeding. Livestock from my fusion 10 will be transferred over. I will be moving the first week of July and plan on setting it up that same week or shortly after. Tank: aquamaxx 48 Light: ATI 6x24 4B+ 1 P+ 1C+ Sump: Emerald 26 Skimmer: Reef Octopus 110sss Return: Reef Octopus Varios 2 Controller: Apex Jr i also have about 35lbs of Marco rock I will be using, i cemented a structure together using their cement. My plan is to have one longer structure and then a taller round island, wanted to go more minimal on the LR. Also, I made something to hang my ATI using electric conduit. Excited to get this going!
  14. TotesMaGoat

    The 10g Holding Tank: Post Frag Swap FTS

    Have been slowly vacuuming sand out during water changes but the LR has made it hard to get it all. i hadn’t seen my possum wrasse for a day, which is weird as he’s always visible. Tore apart the tank and still nothing. Have so many frags in there I ended up having to ditch a piece of LR and cutting the frags off to make them all fit back in. I finally looked in the media basket, low and behold there he was! I think he slipped through the overflow as opposed to jumping over. On the plus side I opened up the tank a little with some of that LR being gone. going to make a build thread for the 50 soon. I had bought a second hand no name rimless for the build. Glass is only 1/4” thick. I eventually decided I wanted something with thicker glass and ended up buying an aquamaxx 48 and drilled it last weekend for a modular marine 800gph overflow. Super impressed with this tank and worth every penny. Anticipating on setting it up as soon as we get moved in to the new home early July. I also built a hanger for my ATI fixture using some wood and electrical conduit which will be mounted to the wall. Very excited for this build as I have been planning it for nearly 6 months. My last 40 breeder was slapped together and was such an eyesore in the room, as well as the equipment being used and subpar. I made sure I did it right this time. im a middle school science teacher and this is our last week of class. My IM10 is going to be used as a classroom tank next year. Very excited to see how that plays out!
  15. TotesMaGoat

    The 10g Holding Tank: Post Frag Swap FTS

    I dipped a few of the frags but nothing, i think it was hiding out in the bigger Rock but I don’t want to dip that. I’ll be moving and setting up the new tank early July, I’ll dip all the frags and cut the ones off the LR just hope my rastas last till then!