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  1. Hi Guys! I have a pair of maroon clowns that have been together and making babies for a couple of years now. They paired off immediately and once I had the male for about 6 months, started laying eggs. They laid eggs every time the previous 'batch' would hatch like clockwork and if they weren't guarding the eggs, they were spending time cleaning a new spot and mating again. Very cute and fun to watch. I just cleaned the tank on Sunday and noticed the female was behind the rock work and the male was being his usual jerk self going after my hand and keeping me and the toothbrush away from their anemones. Weird because she is a jerk too and is usually teaming up with him to keep me away. I thought not much of it. Every day since then she is still behind the rocks. She comes out to eat (stealing food from everyone) but as soon as she's done being a terror- goes back into hiding. She isn't acting lethargic and I see her just staring out watching what is going on. I think also an anemone might be back there. The male is acting normal and I do see him cleaning rocks for her. So sad. What the heck? My boyfriend thinks maybe they clowns had a falling out? Is that possible? Can clownfish breed and breed and all of a sudden decide they are done? I don't think they laid eggs back there and she is with them because she usually leaves the male to do 75% of the egg tending (fanning them, looking at them, picking off the ones not doing well) and she sits in the next anemone over and watches him do all the work, checking in from time to time. So I would think he would be back there too. Is she getting old? I believe she is only 8-10 years old now. She was so small when I got her so I think she was probably less than a year. Any input you guys have would be much appreciated! Sorry for the long post- I'm worried about her. : /
  2. beautiful colors
  3. using the C word now? honestly? oh- republican texas. i understand now.
  4. the prices on your site are amazing. can't wait to buy from you soon!
  5. really beautiful. my fav.
  6. love love love
  7. so pretty!
  8. thanks! yep.. cespitalia have you tried shining a flashlight on it at night? so sick.
  9. The color palette is wonderful, perfect focus- love the short DOF, nice composition. This one wins for me.
  10. love