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  1. xgame2k

    ¡... Da'Tank ...!

  2. xgame2k

    ¡... Da'Tank ...!

    yeap. it made me dizzy without it and the spread wasnt very good.
  3. yeah. i'm glad i never bought 2 Tunze 6305's back when i was in the planning stage of a shark tank. -i will go with mp60's now....... when i move out. ha
  4. the mp10's actual gph was shown over a year ago.
  5. xgame2k

    Dive Cozumel Vs. Florida Keys

    thats not in the area. ra-tard.
  6. xgame2k

    Dive Cozumel Vs. Florida Keys

    cozumel is better. belize is best. -haiti is the also very very good.
  7. xgame2k

    Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    step 2: add water
  8. xgame2k

    overfeeding corals..?

    yes. if they can't finish the meal, then you are overfeeding them. also, all the leftovers will ruin your water.
  9. because they are COMPUTER FANS.
  10. ummmmm. did the instructions say to put the temp probe in the water? usually fan probes detect the temp of air. after looking at a couple pictures.......the probe doesn't look waterproof.
  11. xgame2k

    Red Bull F1 Team in Hong Kong

    that last pic is siiiiiick.
  12. xgame2k

    Aioliops megastigma - Mini Dart Goby

    what's the longest time anyone has kept these alive?