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  1. Nice start up. How about some pics of the stand and such it sounded nice.
  2. my fish has a hole in its head :(

    time to do some research i think.. http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=...60&aid=2587 for a quick jumping point. With an agressive damsel are you sure it wasn't attacked by the damsel and you just noticed the wound.. pretty hard to help diagnose with no picture either btw
  3. Bleached Dry Rock

    If you have soaked and declorinated the rocks to the point where there is no odor it should be ok. I would have recommended another load of dechlorinated (or rather dechlorinator added tot he bucket as to cover the rocks also) soaking with a power head in for circulation for a few days. There really was no need to dry out the rocks after they were cleached and dechlorinated.. they were as dead then as they are now after the drying out. Only real way to know if they are safe is to soak em in RO water and use a chlorine test kit to see if its still leeching from the rocks.
  4. Baby nem, or majano?

    Majano don't spread like wild fire like aiptasia. I would just watch it and see how it does. They don't tend to walk around much if any once they find a home. It could turn out to be real cool. Once the new tank is up disassemble and see what it is and if you want to actually save it, or kill it.
  5. HMA Water?

    Then its not a Ro unit. The membrane is what makes it an RO.. you just have filters.. Get a hand held TDS meter and test your output water from your current filter and compare that to unfiltered tap water. Phosp[hate isn't measured in TDS meters fwiw)
  6. Live rock

    Its looking like pretty smooth coral skeletons to me.. not especially porous but that doesn't make it bad. With all the filtration options out there there is plenty of areas to have your bacteria with a not so porous of rock.
  7. HMA Water?

    +1 to what jedi said. I would use RO. it would be great for your other tanks as well. As for power usage it depends on the equipment used. Going with LED lighting will save you a bundle in the power usage area over Metal halide or t5 options.
  8. Mystery Coupon Sale! 10-50% off!

    Awesome game.. Wish I was ready to buy more coral. I been eye balling your site for a while now. I'll be placing an order with you guys for sure but not for a while still. Working on redoing some stuff here to make things better for the long haul. Then I will stock with a few orders most likely from you and a couple other vendors.. Love the promo and love the site and prices .. even without the coupon they are great.
  9. A FAQ on Clams

    I have never seen such a thread or any documentation of the sort. There are to manhy variables to I think accurately say X amount of calcium per X number of inches of clam. They speed and slow their growth just like humans go through growth spurts up to adulthood. If I am wrong please link to the article as I and many others I think would find this extremely interesting.
  10. Clams in 5 gallons?

    Of course its possible. calcium being your biggest issue but a little dosing will cure that without having to do an entire water change. If you got a small plan you could feed it in the tank and it would be super easy to see it eating and make sure its doing ok. Just turn the pumps off and let it siphon through the phyto your feeding.. once the tank clears up again turn your pumps back on. Basically doing the same thing people do when they move small clams to a bowl to feed them. but without the moving of the clam etc'
  11. How much are you asking for the jbj controller and pump?
  12. What is it? (Pictures ADDED!)

    With proper lighting it should keep its color. Water chemistry and lighting staying stable and in the right range it should do well for you and keep its color. Got any clowns in that tank. It would be beautiful with a nice set of Nakeds or maroons or something in it to contrast the color. I would also feed it atleast once a week. how large has it expanded to since its been in your tank
  13. I bought one of the frags from the first go around from peequin. It even sat at the post office over the 4th of july and it arrived healthy and is doing very well. Nice sized frag for the money also. It came packed well so buy with confidence if you want one of these from him.
  14. Trumpet coral looks sad :(

    is the head turning to brown jelly or just receeding? Have you observed the tank after lights out to see if anything is going on at night? Parameters look fine. If its turning to jelly use some cutters and cut off the good heads and get rid of the deteriorating one(s) as its likely an infection and will spread to other LPS corals. I lost a whole torch colony to this before I figured out what was really going on.
  15. Nuking rock question

    yeah the rock will be dead but its the decaying organic matter in the rock that you need to worry about .. hence the cycle. If you buy more live rock this will help speed up the process or MB7 or like product as stated above. Depending on how much other rock is already in the tank (if any) will determine is it will spike your ammonia etc etc. Slower is better so just leave it in salt water after your done with your process for 6 weeks to allow it to be fully cycled before adding it back to the tank. Wouln't it be better to error on the side of caution rather than jumping the gun and killing or harming any remaining livestock should something go wrong.