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  1. Team Bare Bottom

    Positive the bottom can be covered in polyps and other encrusting coral.
  2. good and not sure?

    THANKS EVERYONE!!! Now i really feel dumb for not knowing that one.I need to learn the abbreviations for alot of stuff.
  3. good and not sure?

    Im sorry im new to pretty much all of this been doing alot of reading. That was my first post ever to anything so im glad i got a reply.You said cuc what is that?I dont think ive read that anywhere.
  4. good and not sure?

    Finally all my numbers hit 0 today so im happy with that! What im nlot so sure about is i have brown algae, not a little bit either its on the glass sand and the live rock is completley covered is that bad? I have orderd my clean up crew and should be here mon or tue .