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  1. I have medium pieces of live rock for sale $1.25 a pound. Buy all 60 pounds and you can have all of the snails / hermits, two chromis, and a coral banded shrimp with it. Located near Cal State San Bernardino.
  2. Bowsers sold. Prices lowered again.
  3. Updated with everything i have left
  4. Open to offers as well if the prices are too high.
  5. Open to offers if my prices are not reasonable.
  6. Bump, new growth on all of the frags. This is the best picture i can get on the gum drop, also have the brown/green one next to it for sale as well for $15.
  7. Im not the best with pictures but i will try tonight when i get home.
  8. Shipping is $10 priority in an insulated box. Heat packs are available for $3. Inferno Red People Eaters - ~3 Polyp $10 Space Queens - 4 Polyp - $20 Blueberry Fields - 3+ Polyp - $10 JF Jungle Juice - 2 Polyp - $20 Radioactive Dragon Eyes - ~5 heads - $5 Gum Drop Mushroom(Left) - $20 Brown Green Rhodactis(Right) - $15 Nice Rhodactis Mushroom - $15 Nice Yuma - SOLD ~5 Head Hammer - SOLD Green star polyp is $5 a frag
  9. Hammerspawn hybrid

    Do post a picture when it opens up more. Curious what it looks like.
  10. Sold

    I ended up putting it on ebay due to no response.