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  1. Selling a Cad Lights PLS-50 nano skimmer works great. Selling as im going with a differnt tank. Any questions just ask. $50 shipped.
  2. Selling a Current USA hanging pendant 150w hqi light. Comes with a 14k bulb and a couple 10k bulbs. Any questions just ask. $50 shipped.
  3. Anyone out there with any imput? Or Have a Aquamaxx HOB that is cracked/damaged? And would sell for parts?
  4. Anyone out there know where i can get my hands on a replacement bubble plate for the Aquamaxx HOB-1 Skimmer? I'm looking for the one with the cones.
  5. Gotcha. Ya No problem its not going anywhere. Lol it was on a tank i had like 5 years ago. I only kept it because it would be good over a little tank. Ya its a pendant style "Hanging" fixture and is only 10'' wide.
  6. Just PM me if your interested.
  7. Yes $50 shipped. There are three 10k bulbs and i believe a 14k in the fixture. The 20k package was just used to protect the bulb.
  8. Heres some pics. There is a bulb already in it and 3 other bulbs. I was thinking $50.
  9. As the Title says looking to buy a Aquamaxx HOB Skimmer
  10. I have one of these guys laying around. Its made by Current USA Its a 150 HQI. I also Have a 250MH if you want to get a tan while you grow your coral.
  11. Anyone out there with some input?
  12. Has anyone had any experience with the brand Sea Side Aquatics? They make a skimmer that i'm interested in. It looks like the design is off of the Bubble Magus Q3 Model skimmer. Looking for input on the build quality and performance. https://www.seasideaquatics.com/?p=895
  13. Awesome!! I picked up a used one from a fellow Reefer here with a 15'' neck ( I thought it made sense having the longer one) Just playing with it now.... This thing is Really slick. I like it Already. The only thing I'm having trouble with is the moon light i cant seem to get it to come on. Any tricks/things I could be doing?
  14. Hey Dave,I have another question about the duo light and the tank that i had mentioned above. What length goose neck would be best? 9'' or 15''?
  15. Thanks for the Idea. I haven't been on that forum in a while.... LOL
  16. Like the title Says looking to buy Nanobox duo (Latest generation)
  17. That's what I was thinking. A fellow reefer had a tide for sale and told him I wanted your input first before pulling the trigger. Thanks for the input. I will be in the market for a duo so you should be hearing from me soon!!
  18. Anyone out there have one of these?? Im still on the hunt!
  19. Hey Dave, I was wondering what you would think was best for my tank. A tide or duo? Tank dimensions are 16x16x10.5 i do plan on keeping SPS dominated.
  20. How about the kessil A8O or the 160? Opinions?
  21. I have had my Eye on the Nanobox for a while now. What is your opinion on the XR15?