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  1. As the title says for sale is a Black Nanobox Duo $200.
  2. Nice!! Have you used those pucks before? Ive looked at those when i was going to make a fixture. Im just curious as to the quality and performance of them if you have used them.
  3. What is the second to last picture of?
  4. Has Anyone used or tried using the Two Little fishies live sand? I'm curious as to how it compares to Caribsea and Nature's Ocean Brand Live Sands? I'm looking for a coarse Argonite sand to use and just came Across this product. I have used both the Caribsea brand and Nature's Ocean in the past And like the results but was wondering if Anyone could give me some input on this Brand? Pros? Cons? Ect...
  5. Selling a Cad Lights PLS-50 nano skimmer works great. Selling as im going with a differnt tank. Any questions just ask. $50 shipped.
  6. Selling a Current USA hanging pendant 150w hqi light. Comes with a 14k bulb and a couple 10k bulbs. Any questions just ask. $50 shipped.
  7. Anyone out there with any imput? Or Have a Aquamaxx HOB that is cracked/damaged? And would sell for parts?
  8. Anyone out there know where i can get my hands on a replacement bubble plate for the Aquamaxx HOB-1 Skimmer? I'm looking for the one with the cones.
  9. Gotcha. Ya No problem its not going anywhere. Lol it was on a tank i had like 5 years ago. I only kept it because it would be good over a little tank. Ya its a pendant style "Hanging" fixture and is only 10'' wide.
  10. Just PM me if your interested.
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