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    Reading, Anything involving ocean life & nature in general. Really into Cirque du Soleil, movies that intrigue and provoke, as well personalities that do the same.<br />I love all foms of music...well with a few exceptions!
  1. Would it be safe to use as to prevent Amonia spikes from harming any of the life on the live rock, if indeed you are using live rock and live sand to cycle?
  2. BOMBreef's LED Solana

    Really beautiful setup! What type of live rock are you using?
  3. February 2012 Reef Profile - imisky

    Congratulations! Your slice of reef heaven is magnificent! I am looking for some new supplements and am now curious about the Zeo supplements you are using. Are they good for all corals both soft & hard. I have been using the Brightwell 2 part dosing system and am wondering if I do switch to the Zeo, will I still need to use the 2 part? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  4. My AquaMaxx HOB-1 skimmer review with pics

    can you take a pic of the piece you removed and were refering to to adjust the water level please. I am at thom7667@yahoo.com Thanks for this wonder tutorial and introduction.
  5. Tribal Blenny

    How is your tribal doing? Did you add him to an already established tank with lots of algae? The reason why I ask is my buddy just got one and his tank is fairly new and now his blenny who was doing really well, its lips have started to turn white. any ideas as to why?
  6. Tribal Blenny

    My buddy has a Tribal Blenny and his is getting a white discoloration around the mouth. Any guesses as to why? Yours looks sweet!
  7. My YWG and Clownfish aka Binky & Samba

    My Yellow watchman and False Ocellaris Clown frolicking amidst my mushrooms.
  8. My YWG and Clownfish aka Binky & Samba

    My Yellow watchman and False Ocellaris Clown frolicking amidst my mushrooms.
  9. August 2011 Reef Profile - Rehype

    Mon Congtats to you! All that hard work has paid of in a thing of beauty. I have one small question...does your Harlequin Shrimp not hunt down your starfish?
  10. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Happy Birthday from thom7667!! This is the best reference source on the net. My LFS bring the other! Also everyone on this site has always been so helpful and the how can one nt be inspired by each and every Photo of the month. Thanks for everything thom7667 Marshall L. Thomas thom7667@yahoo.com
  11. My Yellow watchman Binky mush-be-shrooming!
  12. Binky the YWG & Samba the Clown

    My baby YWG Binky and Samba the Clown
  13. My 12 Gallon JBJ with YWG and Orange Mushrooms
  14. My 12 Gallon JBJ with Clown & YWG

    My 12 Gallon JBJ with Clown & YWG
  15. 7 Month Picture

    How do you get your green star SO GREEN?