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  1. Thanks. It's still not quite stocked to where I would like it but with the Radion it definitely allows me to choose more SPS. The clowns do enjoy the light better as it has a natural mode setting that allows for the gradual increase in light mimicking sunrise and sunset. I do remember with my old MH they were always shocked when the lights first came on every morning. Having a vortech MP10w ES pump synced with the light makes it that much more worth it. I'll post some better pics when I get the chance
  2. A long over due update. Happy to say the tank is still alive and flourishing. Lots of changes have occurred since, with my lighting being one of the more significant ones. I found the MH producing too much heat and the lack of intensity adjustments so I opted to go LED. Been using the Radion XR30w for about 3 months now and haven't looked back since.
  3. Looks really nice!!! Can't wait to see it when its back to health. It's definitely gonna be on my list to get.
  4. Pretty neat stuff. I was thinking of doing a slow mo camera video of the corals over a period of a few months, but I guess that would be fairly hard.
  5. There's nothing like a disaster to start it off your tank, s*** happens just learn from them. But it sounds like your heading in a good direction. Good luck!!!
  6. Thanks. Yea the emerald crab was getting too big and I was worried about it pestering the corals anyways so it all worked out.
  7. That looks like a beauty. I always though that anemone's were very aggressive and not recommended for smaller aquariums. Or some fine with 25gal?
  8. Updated: So a bunch of things have changed lets start with live stock. I got 2 clown fishes which have made my tank much livelier. Added a crocea clam which have beautiful colors that the clowns have decided to host it or so it seems. Pics below. Place a small green birdsnest and another frogspawn. Equipment wise I was very happy with the apex jr. that I ended up getting a EB8 bar and the PM2 module to monitor the conductivity. With new additions there were some losses. The emerald crab after it molted didn't survive long. I'm thinking it was due to lack of food and the small ricordea just disappeared most like due to the high light change. But all in all things r settling back in. Clowns hosting clam Green birdsnest Red sea star Frogspawn
  9. I've been using the float valve with a water pump attached for almost a month. So far it's working really well and quite reliable. Only downside is that it's harder to monitor (ie. can't be attached to a controller)
  10. That's a beauty! How often do you feed it?
  11. Update: I managed to get the Apex Jr. Controller working and it's amazing!!! Just being able to monitor your aquarium parameters anywhere you go is quite comforting. I've been able to keep my temperature fluctuation below 1 degree compared to what it was before (3 degrees), I've noticed my corals to be much happier. I've added the EB8 for more outlet control and that was very easy setup. But now I'm itching to expand it for salinity and pH monitoring as well. Definitely a great system to start with as well as expand from. Livestock wise everyone is doing great. My frogspawn has split forming another head and my emerald crab has molted (which is quite amazing) and is quite large. I'm going to make sure he doesn't get aggressive with my corals. Frogspawn splitting Fully open Molted shell Transformed Question for all, I'm leaving for a week down to Cuba and I feed my corals and crab every 2nd day. What would be the best way to ensure they don't starve while I'm gone? Should I do a large feed before I go?
  12. Out of curiosity, do you do much cleaning of your sand bed?
  13. Tank still looks great, dispite what it's been through.