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  1. Hi, I pm'd you about getting two scwds two days ago, and I notice that three others have offered to buy the four from you. Are they still available, and if so, are you interested in selling them? Let me know. Thanks
  2. I think this whole thread is cruel and irresponsible. Just because people are attracted to other people of the same gender is no reason to abuse them... Oh wait, that says glue FRAGS. Never mind
  3. I need to get a new tank up and running first, but I'll be asking $125.00 for it, plus shipping. I have over $200.00 in it.
  4. I'll have one available in about a month, I'm getting a bigger tank. 64watt csl, all sponges and bio-balls removed. I would have to ship from Louisiana.
  5. I have a JBJ with 2 32 watt CSL's, and I really had to jam them in there. Get a measurement on the buld w/endcap before you buy. Personally, I doubt they'd fit.
  6. Fantastic. I thought that's what it was, but I'm wondering why both are doing it. I thought that only the submissive one was. I know I twitch like that to show the wife my submission. Is there a gender identity crisis going on here or what?
  7. I had the front of my JBJ nano-cube's hood open, and when I noticed one of my clown's missing, I freaked. Would ya believe the sneaky little bast jumped into the sump? Took 1/2 hour to get him out, but all's well now. Stressful few minutes until I realized he was in the sump (Its walls are black). Also, I've noticed my clowns kind of vibrating at one another. Is this pairing stuff or what? Used Kalkwasser paste to nuke some aiptasia I found. Boy, it does the heart good to watch 'em die. I'm sure the smack residue in my syringe helped too.
  8. specifically, it was Babe, (crak, it ain't a porno ) the movie about the pig.. Go Tiny, with yer pig lovin' self
  9. oops, meant you tinyreef. Sorry, but I was drunk when posting. thanks again, and happy effing back at 'ya. Already kissed the pig. Nose very moist and rubbery.
  10. I just want to post a Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who is a member at NR.COM. You have all given me a new hobby and addiction. I'm a noob, but noobs should unite and donate what they they can to this great site. I've used it as a reference and a sounding board, and it is overall the best site I've been to. I've searched, and learned. I Want to thank Tinywater, Caja, Crakeur, and others for helping me in the curious times, and even DAVEESPI, whoever he is, for aiding my discretion and willingness to search for those things I did not understand. Donate to, and let's keep this thing as wonderful as it is. I just did, and it was well worth it. Thank you all of my fellow nano-reefers for your help and education. Hank
  11. Thanks, guys, I'll get the Strontium first. Re: The pig in bed, it's a New Orleans thing. We Like to keep food items handy at all times. I fear no sleeping woman, and she doesn't go to, so no worries. Tiny: She's full grown, about 80 pounds, but more like the size of a 50 pound dog. They're put together very densely. Very smart critter, can't compare personality to a dog or cat, though. I think it's a prey animal thing. She's eaten bacon and ham before, so she knows that she's delicious, and it makes her a little skittish and snappy around non-herd members. (any houseguest) Seamountain: The pig is the one in the bed that doesn't get eaten.
  12. I don't have the bowfront, it's what I would have gotten. It's made by AGA. No, it doesn't have a sump. It does come with a hood and light, but you'll have to upgrade that if you want to do reef. Overall, the Nano-Cube isn't that bad if you want a tank with a sump. There's a guy with a nice cube on the forum that he got off of ebay.
  13. Thanks everybody. FYI, the times I'm giving for how long my tank has been set up may be misleading. I'm counting when cycling was over as the start time of tank. Thanks again, guys BTW: yes, croc, the pig not only lives in our home, she slleps with us as well. . .
  14. But man, that pig is cute.
  15. 2many: What Saliferts should I get for the level of reefing I currently occupy? I saw a pro package for $209.00, a reef package for Ca, Alk, Iodine, Strontium, Magnesium for $89.00, etc. etc. What should I test for regularly, and what can I wait to get or not get at all? Do I really need phspate tests, silicate, dissolved O2, Dissolved organics? I don't have an Alk test yet, but realize it's important. I'll get that this week, but the wife doesn't see the necessity of these aquarium investments. She equates all money spent in increments of pairs of shoes. Also, she has strange priorities, like food, rent, phone bills, etc. Women, huh? Croc: Thanks for the sun coral info. It's doing great in the light, so I figure let it be. I has grown in the month I've had it, and, as mentioned, eats voraciously. Kennerd: Thanks for clown info. I was very concerned Crak: LFS guy suggested rubber when I purchased the coral. It was on two separate rocks, and I just want it to attach to something bigger for its own stability. I'm considering fragging it if it doesn't attach, because the two rocks I think may be causing tissue stress because of the non-attached portions between them. IYO is this wise? Caja: Thanks, I'm ordering it tomorrow. Why do I always pick expensive PITA hobbies? Reef expen$ive, girl expen$$$ive, even pig (see avatar) expen$ive.