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  1. Did a water change yesterday and moved a few things around. New FTS: Left Side: Right Side: Pinky the Fathead Anthias: Acan Alley: Brain Lane: Leo and Mona the "DaVinci Clowns": Beginnings of Zoa Mountain, 9 pretty sweet frags on here, room for one more: WWC Circus Rings: Old man Earl, he's been with me 4 years. I think he's nearing the end, lost all his color but eating well: Le Torch: New Toadstool from WWC, really neat blueish color:
  2. What other fish/inverts do you have in your tank?
  3. I have found shrimp to be pretty sensitive to swings in temperature and salinity. I’ve had a few different types over time and most recently a pair of cleaner shrimp that I’ve had for a long time. I think stability of those 2 parameters is key. Some people will also likely tell you that iodine levels are very important so they can molt regularly. Personally, I have never tested, dosed or monitored for iodine.
  4. Thank you sir. I think I’ve just gotten lucky with the placement of the acans. They’re happy there at the bottom just on the edge of the light spread and very random flow from the mp10s. Puffer is doing great. Really a nice addition so far. She mostly swims out in the open space with the clowns and blenny. Good eater and leaves inverts and corals alone. The Melanurus is doing good as well. Very busy swimmer. He’s actually caused my sunburst athias to get a little bolder which is great. The anthias used to just hover in the bottoms left cave. That’s where the wrasse buries itself at night. I guess they are cave buddies.
  5. Poodges

    Acan Garden.jpg

    I’ve had those for a while. Probably started as 3 heads or so. Now well over 30. I typically spend $20-$50 max on frags so it was probably somewhere in that range.
  6. Poodges

    Acan Garden.jpg

    Large mysis is tough. They will get stolen. I have a brand of frozen cube smaller mysis that is much easier to feed to corals. I tend to squirt some in the opposite corner for fish and then spot feed the acans with a turkey baster. Even if the mysis themselves get stolen, the cloud of smaller bits gets to the intended corals. I think acans react pretty quickly to feeding if you can just keep the other occupants distracted for long enough...which probably results in over feeding more times than not.
  7. Thanks so much. That was an Acan Echinata. Funny enough, I just gave that piece plus a couple zoa frags to a good friend of mine since kindergarten. He's a marine biology teacher at a local high school and has a sweet reef set up in his classroom. I added this chalice in it's place:
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    I have a good mix of LPS and soft corals plus a few monti caps. The puffer tends to swim out in the open and occasionally pick at a rock but has never touched a coral. I'd say snail are more at risk but she has only picked at a couple. I'm sure it's hit or miss. I got this one from another reef tank and has some history which I think is the key.
  10. Thank you. The acans are my favorite for sure. Zoas a close second. I’ll keep you posted on the puffer. She did pick off a few small snails when I restocked the cuc but I think it’s because they were an easy target floating in mid air. She’s left the others alone. No coral casualties so far.
  11. Thank you. Fish selection has always been very important to me since I got into this hobby +\- 10 years ago really just wanting a fowlr tank and then got hit by the coral bug.
  12. Loving your tank. I’ve always liked the peninsula style. Scape is great. Very proportional rockwork and looks nice from all 3 sides. Well done!
  13. Tank looks great. I like your set up. Those nanorox look great as well. What do you plan to put on them?
  14. Sweet tank. I like everything about this setup. Stand is solid as well. Good job.
  15. Sweet looking tank. Scape is top notch. Well done.
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