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  1. Poodges

    Introducing the WWC Official Coral Club!

    I received my first order yesterday (3 month Silver) and I'm very happy with what you sent. I posted a review with pics on here. Well done.
  2. Poodges

    WWC - Coral Club Review

    I wanted to share my first experience ordering corals online by writing a quick review. One of the vendors on this forum, World Wide Corals, is advertising a coral club where they ask you some questions and then send you up to 5 corals that match your criteria each month. I received my first package today and I'm very happy with the contents. It was packed in a very substantial styro box with each coral individually wrapped. I marked that I was intermediate in skill level and preferred zoanthids, soft coral and lps. Pics below are what they sent: 2 zoanthid frags, a pipe organ, acan and favia. I was hoping for some cool zoas and at least one acan so they hit the nail on the head. I've also been looking for something with some movement to it so the pipe organ was a nice surprise too. I feel as though this is a good deal at less than $20/frag (just a little over $17/frag to be more precise with the discount) including shipping and tax (I'm a FL resident). The frags are about what I expected in size, zoanthids are 3+ polyps and the others fill up or even hang over the frag plugs. The colors are very nice too; certainly not basic stuff you see everywhere. I'm guessing these would have been $20-$50 frags at my LFS so the value is definitely there. There's some cool bonus items too. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. It arrived quickly and was well packed. The frags are a great deal and the bonus items are useful. I look forward to seeing what comes next month!
  3. Poodges

    Poodges Shallow Reef

    On Saturday, I took my oldest 2 girls with me to pick out a new fish. We were on the hunt for a tiny Kole Tang but the one's we saw were too big and I'm conflicted as to whether that fish belongs in this tank. Instead, we came away with a fish I didn't know existed: a blue Midas Blenny. It's been hiding in the rocks but poking out to eat when I feed the tank. It's starting to get a little braver though and I hope to see that eel-like swimming motion soon. Introducing Benny the Blenny:
  4. Poodges

    Ryan's BC 29G

    You have a really incredible Biocube. I love those tanks and have been very successful with them in the past but yours is on another level. I enjoyed looking through your pics. Well done.
  5. Poodges

    Introducing the WWC Official Coral Club!

    This is a cool idea. Are you based in Orlando?
  6. Poodges

    Poodges Shallow Reef

    I was trying to take some pictures of a few corals to trade but this guy kept photobombing me: #shrimpinainteasy
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  8. Poodges

    Critique my young reef please!

    Looks nice. I like your scape. Simple is good. Sounds like you have a good handle on things.
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    Thank you ! They are my favorite
  10. Poodges

    Poodges Shallow Reef

    Hi there Mr. Marks. Thank you for the message. I shut that tank down in roughly 2013 after moving out of state briefly. I love the Biocube and set a new one up just before my first daughter was born in early 2015. That's the setup that I transferred so almost 4 years old. 8 years would have been something else!
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    Poodges Shallow Reef

    Thank you very much Christy. I bought an app for my phone called "Aquarium Cam" to take pictures. Got it dialed in to where the photos are spot on with the in person color. Also, added a new torch coral which I've never had before.
  15. Poodges