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  1. Mix_Green_and_Cats_Eye

  2. Corraline algea?

    Listen to Lakshwa, to hell with Purple Up. Keep your params in check and you'll be good to go. Happy reefing!

    Holy grammatical errors Batman!
  4. 3.5gal barracuda 1/11/10

    Pretty immature reef for SPS...even 4 months...
  5. Has anyone bought from here?

    All of the links people are providing have been a subtle hint....USE SEARCH
  6. my tang is dieing

  7. WTB - Current Outer Orbit 24" HQI/T5 Fixture

    I've got one that I'm looking to part with but it's got brand new T5's and the MH bulb is less than a month old so I couldn't do less than $300.
  8. Why do you reef?

    I love taking a nice trip and staring at it for hours upon hours...
  9. duct tape safe in tank?

    I think you're going to find that a lot of people disagree with this statement.
  10. duct tape safe in tank?

    or....take the rock out and pull his ass out... but yes, stab him, over, and over again.... is it even doing any damage?
  11. duct tape safe in tank?

    April fools?
  12. 40G Reefers Delight

    I believe they're actually micromussa...very nice specimen though!
  13. 40G Reefers Delight

    and a few pics...
  14. 40G Reefers Delight

    Anyone have any suggestions on some fish to add? Gotta add some life to this cube... Here's what I've got in there now: 1 Orange Diamond Goby 1 Black Clown 1 Spotted Cardinal 1 Sexy Shrimp 1 Peppermint Shrimp 1 Serpent Star (had him for 3+ years in multiple tanks, MASSIVE star!)