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    Anybody Set Up NanoBox Retro with Storm Controller?

    PM sent, thanks!
  2. I love it! You are awesome for actually setting up the tank and not just thinking about it for years and never taking the plunge. I, too, teach middle school and had an after school reef club 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time cleaning up their salty mess after they left each meeting. The next year it turned into an Aquatic Studies elective class. This year so many kids signed up for it that the admin is opening up a second section of it next year. Woo hoo! Obviously, I have a good relationship with the custodians - most important people to be on good terms with on campus if you have an aquarium. Did you ever happen to measure pH multiple times per day? That is one of the most vexing things in my room. Took me a long time to look at the data and figure out what was happening, but we had the exact opposite trends of most hobbyists: our pH dropped all day, then shot up as soon as students left and stopped exhaling everywhere. Ocean acidification before our eyes. Haha I feel your pain about the winter break no heat situation - not good. We also had our own personal coral bleaching event last summer when the district reneged on its promise of AC and shut it off during a heat wave. We have one big tank and a few small ones, so I cannot tear it down in June. I LOVE the idea of the fish/invert loaner program. Perfect! It is nice to hear about a colleague introducing students to a reef tank. If you are a public/charter school I have some funding tips to share and I have a classroom website if you are interested. I agree that middle schoolers can do much more than one might expect. (Our website also tanked when the webmaster went off to high school and the replacement moved away.) I rarely visit Nano-Reef and feel fortunate to have seen your thread!
  3. Title says it. Trying to set up NanoBox Retro on a BC14 with Storm controller instead of the Bluefish mini. Not sure how to connect. Also, if you have this setup, did you ditch your stock fans or control them with the Storm?