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  1. Just sent you a pm. Thanks
  2. Beautiful!!!
  3. My new frag of Spidermans!!!!
  4. Lookin' real nice.
  5. The LFS wanted $20 per polyp. I traded a few acan frags and a chalice for all 8 and have another $40 credit. I HOPE THEY ARE IN FACT PURPLE HORNETS, sure looks like 'em.
  6. Got my first 8 polyp frag today. Lovin' 'em.
  7. Send them to me, I'll feed them.
  8. 15 eyes w/ 5 more popping out after 1 week of feeding H2o Life reef caviar.
  9. WOW, that is beautiful.
  10. WOW, your "left side" looks better than most FTS. Very nice indeed.
  11. I love it, my 18 month old runs to the stairs to the basement and yells biss, biss. Very cute picture.
  12. WOW!!!!!!!!