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  1. Just sent you a pm. Thanks
  2. Black Friday: Our Biggest Sale Ever!

    Is there any way possible the MP10ES goes less than $188 after the rebate?
  3. Red Green yellow and BLUE!

  4. Right now I am running the stock 150w MH with a Phoenix 14k bulb. Would it much of a benefit to get the fixture with the added T5 bulbs? It is a mixed reef, with an emphasis on sps. http://www.aqua-medic.com/product/ocean-light-plus-1x150w-2x24w-t5/
  5. longbeach's 3g reef tank

    That is sweet looking,how new is your tank?
  6. Gnome Glass Skimmers

    Not only are they funcional, but at the same time they are art. I appreciate the artistic side, andwill order one once I figure out which one.
  7. Sweet Site!

    These guys are local to me, their stuff is awesome. No trick photography with these guys. I have made many purchases from their store and have always been happy.
  8. Elos E-Style Chamber

    I would like to know also, I have checked Ebay and everywhere else. They are only available in Japan right now, but you would think they wouls show up somewhere.

    If this is true and not an April Fool's day joke by Euphylia, It is not funny at all. Like everyone else said, all you can do is a water change when you can get water. Good luck.
  10. Boyt's 29g Biocube HQI. No more EcoBAK!

    WOW I need to update this thread. I will get some current pics up, alot has changed.
  11. *Blue's RSM 130*

    That is a good lookin clam. Save the 20$ for the sps and find a frag local that doesn't need to be shipped.
  12. Tunze 9002 in biocube 29

    I have the Aquaticlife in my Biocube and after I did the air intake tube mod (immediately after I got it) it runs awesome. I pull it out and clean the pump and the air intake line every 4-5 months and love the results.
  13. scoly

    I have 3 in my tank and never had a problem.
  14. Sidefunk's 29G HQI Biocube

    NIce start, I love the dendro.