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  1. I have a maxijet 1200 and the pump fits in the overflow box, but CurrentUSA forgot to add the instructions to how to take the stock pump out for maintenance. I was leery of yanking out the pump for fear of breaking the plastic tabs that hold it in place. I wrote them in hopes they correct their error. Unfortunately I don't think the maxijet output nozzle will fit the outlet but you can probably attach some tubing to the maxijet out and then direct the tubing to the outlet. Best, tony
  2. jebo update 2008

    fts of the jebo with water change
  3. The jebo experience

    Update: I did a water change. Can't believe I'm back. This tank has survived >1 year without a water change. nuisance red hair fluff algae with a bit of valonia took over. Xenia and zoos, RIP Toadstool leather RIP Only bumpy and smooth mushrooms remain along with GSP and the baby clown who is now 4yrs old.
  4. Aquac Remora

    the maxijet 1200 that drives the aquaC is way big and I've run mine on a 10G and 8G you're better off running a hagen aquaclear hob fuge + wc
  5. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    Thanks for the tip, I got my Sweetwater finepore stones from Aquatico(sp?) AES I forget the name, but its a famous old place from aquatic stuff. I didn't go limewood due to the maintenance and didn't go for a higher cfm rated pump since my wetworx skimmer is only 18" and the foam was already overflowing at the air pumps lower setting, plus a bigger pump means more watts but next time I'll make the skimmer taller/wider like your extended Excalibur. I finally put walls on my collection spoon and went back to aspirating venturi using the minijet 404 and that's working out fine at 5 watts.
  6. Surface skim an AquaC???

    There's a screw at the bottom of the intake that is adjustable from the top so it takes water from above at the floating cup and below at the bottom intake. I used a piece of vinyl hose I thing 1/2" to connect the maxijet 1200 to the hose of the surface skimmer. heat the vinyl in hot water to soften then push it over the fitting. You can use a plastic clamp for more security. Glad to hear about your tank, Marc. I found that over time nano-reefs seem to run themselves when stable, but good ATO and skimmer always helps. I run a fuge with chaeto to get that helps too. good luck.
  7. Surface skim an AquaC???

    The Hagen surface skimmer works well it's more expensive than DIY but has the advantage of a floating surface skimmer which can adjust to varying water levels. Here was my remora connected to one: scroll down the page for pic
  8. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    oh one last thing: that airline tubing is such a frigging pain, I'll probably have to drill a hole in the top so I can keep the skimmer foam covered. I may convert this one back to an aspirating version and hope that extra baffle I made to block the airstone from the output doesn't divert too many micros back into the display. Sometimes over-tweaking an already good thing is a not a good idea. But damn this DIY experimenting is fun and I hope more folks will post what works or what didn't.
  9. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    Because I set my riser output width so wide near 1/2" most of my skimmate is dry and pasty dirtying the inside walls of the skimmer. So a collection cup is not really needed and in my laziness to forego the walls of the collection cup, I get a spoon. Even with my AquaC Remora, I've found that all that is really need is something for the skimmate to 'cling' to. I never really had that much skimmate volume with the Remora but rather a thicker paste. So with that lesson, I'll go narrower next time. If I made the riser output width narrower like the directions call for, I probably would get wetter and perhaps more effective skimmate production. here's a pic showing the full white column of foam from the airstone just like the injection and asiprating versions only the bubbles appear larger
  10. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    it's less than 30 mins in the water but i have the following observations in case anyone else wants to try this: there's much more finer air flow control with the rheostat of the air pump unfortunately even with a finepore stone the bubble are on the larger side kinda like the injection version aspirating version has much more finer bubbles I'm running the air pump on 'low' setting since any higher the top of my foam head overflows into the collection area even at 18" in skimmer height, I can understand why more height is better for an airstone skimmer I'm running the pump straight and the injector is just the cutoff 1/2" cpvc and that has cleared the microbubbles after the skimmer is broken in, I hope the production is like the injector version WetWorx's design is so versatile, I now have airstone, injection, and aspirating venturi, gonna try recirc next
  11. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    finally finished the airstone mod after supporting the output and making a lazy collection "spoon"
  12. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    Someday I'm gonna buy that wolfcraft sander UTR mentioned, until then its my lame dremelling. I wanted insert an elbow and have one hole for input thinking I'll go Remora style by drilling a hole atop the elbow and sticking a screw in there in case it ever needed cleaning, but I still liked UTR's design idea of making the injector replacable, hence the half cut injector. Since I had to make the foam riser output hole bigger to accomodate the airstone, I'll probably make a cup on this one to make that hole smaller so it can collect crap. It will be good practice when or if UTR releases his next design (nudge,nudge, wink, wink)
  13. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    here's the air driven mod to the WetWorx venturi. I was going for energy efficiency by using a minijet 404 at 5 watts and a no-name air pump at ~5 watts. Basically I increased the box height, added a baffle to block the airstone from the output and I cut the injector in half so as to only have one hole for input since I have a hard time getting the hole on the other side watertight. The rotating vortex of bubbles runs countercurrent to the upflow of airbubble from the air pump. I tested it briefly and unfortunately it gave out too many microbubbles. After I make the outlet, I'm going to try it running the pump straight without aspirating air.
  14. Wetworx Nano-skimmers!!!

    Finally got the HOB aspirating version working really well. It does produce a drier foam and has finer control from the air valve, but my old injection WetWorx skimmer is still working like a champ. I had trouble making a water tight hole on the HOB and found that CPVC pipe can be oversanded easily One thing that helped alot was bringing the pump closer to the surface to get the dirtier water as show in the photo. The skimmate production increased after that and got darker. I can't wait for the new design I went the other way after reading A. Calfo on RC praising his old nielsen air drive 6 foot models. He referenced a some reefrontier.com posts of guys making skimmers using Sweetwater airstones with good results in terms of energy efficiency. Seems like the newer stones don't need as much changing. Also Chris Paris had some great articles on skimmer design and noted types of skimmer efficiency, though he didn't think airdriven was any more energy efficient: link I still thought it a good idea though, adding an airstone to see.
  15. Metal Halide for 10G to 20G nano

    sorry for belated replies guys just got married. :-) lampdr. sounds great, good move. no obligation though, great deal on metal halide light. thanks again gjones I'm assuming 29G show height is a bit too tall for 150W for sps and a clam unless you put them high up. 250W would be a better fit and I think illuming.com sells kits for that. I'm pushing it with only 150W for a maxima but I'll prop the clam high up and in a shallow tank. From what I read crocea and maximas like 250W, deresas and squamosa are ok with anything below that, but remember light feeds algae which feeds the clam and sps. so why not make them happy?