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  1. fts of the jebo with water change
  2. er.. i think on the ac motor it says not to submerge. i would be careful
  3. lol. love the videos, especially the time lapse of the hermit crab. or is it crap. heheh :-)
  4. Sweet. well thought out. I liked the way you used the ac500 to prop up the lid with the -looks like- corallife light legs. also the width of your ac500 gives you full flow from back to front. I don't see your heater but i guess you can pop a 50W tronic in your fuge. Now you just need a auto top off to compensate for the open top.
  5. I had a simliar experience as phantomsax. i like their cheap prices but after their web site upgrade, their order processing and customer service went downhill. Late orders, missed orders in the system, lack of communication all amounted to a lost lifetime customer. I would NEVER order from them again in a heartbeat. Drs Foster and Smith, MarineDepot, Hellolights and Petsolutions on the other hand were very good experiences.
  6. the more i sit patiently waiting, the more i learn that coral reefs are life centers. organisms seem to pop out of no where. what an amazing experience to witness from a box of water and rocks.
  7. i paid a grand. opps no, a grand total of $0. the feathers started growing as wisps from the live rock. the cyano attached made the feathers blacken. when i did a wc to suck out the cyano from the feather turf some got pulled off and eventually grew into a small movable turf island. it feels like a wet tribble and I can move it to decorate the tank bottom. i was a bit concerned that it was a cyano magnet, but now it looks cute and clean. so far it has not been a nuisance and the grape has not exploded in growth like before. i guess the remora is starving the system.
  8. i followed wet's instructions and made me an ato! ato hooked up to 1G jug the pic is at the bottom. my floatswitch is mounted to a pill container and cabletied to a maxijet holder. i had to cap the return with a airline valve as the water really pours out! The only drawback to atos is the extra gulp that returns to the tank when the container is decompressing. but so far my refrac says the tank is spot on at 34-35 . another note: you can pierce the cap of a 1G water jug with a scissor instead of pulling out the dremel. it also helps to cut the tubing at an angle so it pierces your small hole in the cap and makes a tight seal without using silicone. this is a much better fit than i had using silicone for my diy co2 reactor for my planted tank.
  9. can anyone ID that brown seagrass at the left? It hasn't been a nuisance yet and it kinda looks purdy. as for plant life, since i like planted tanks. I have the brown vine at left, a small hairy feather turf at middle bottom, some gracillaria, some caulerpa and dreaded bubble valonia. marine plants are tough to come by. feel free to send your scraps to me!
  10. note the white argonite! cyano was blown by Boyd's Chemi-clean. ooray! I haven't tested the water since I don't know when. Xenia is splitting and attaching to the toadstool frag. gsp is taking over the big rock, mushroom and her baby mushlings are spreading and the knobby rhodactisriccordialike thing is sprouting off its babykins. all is well in patience nano-land. The remora is tapering performance to wet skimmate. oh i did change to Oceanic salt from corallife and so far so great. i did a 50% mix of corallife and Oceanic. next wc will be 100%oceanic. i think the inhabitants will like it.
  11. no more relays, worriment about fire from ac current, it worx and it's good. thanks wet!UTR
  12. Added wetworx battery powered ato last week and it's been running smooth pumping 1G from a crystal geyser water bottle. The 1G lasts about a week for the combined 13.5G tubs of water i have. I also tried Chemi-clean to knock out the black cyano at the front glass. It works like a charm! love that stuff. The water became clearer.
  13. mag drive 5 or maybe a maxijet 1200 maybe enough run externally
  14. it worx!!! Thank you Wet. I'll try to get a pic up. I've tried a physh type set up using a cheap low current ph but read so much about using relays as a precaution, this battery powered ATO makes a lot of sense. The hagen pump looks so cheap though i just hope it doesn't fall apart.
  15. wow, nice to see Kennerd!, he was one of the old timers to answer my first noobe question. Nevertheless, Mr. Bird or St. Tard of Newbieville, i have a question though not sure it's noob or advanced but like Mr krispy, it's about water movement: I'm getting some chemi-clean to knock out some blackish-brown cyano at the front of my 8G Jebo 15in tall tank. it will treat the symptom but not the problem. I have 1 small clown that is fed 2x/day (frozen mysis, prime reef, form 1), 3 nass, 3 astrea, 3 cerith snails for livestock, movement is from 1) minijet 606 at bottom back left corner with output across the back of the tank, 2) AC200 at mid throttle w/ output to left back down, 3) Remora out from MJ1200 w/ output to right back down. I figured I have 3 outputs turning over the tank many times over as the pumps are rated >8G, but the front of my tank at the bottom near the sand gets a small current and hence the cyano. I've been looking into running a CL with scwd off an external like a Dolphin or mag 7 or building a top flow manifold like Anthony Calfo's diagram at wetmedia or undersand jets. Do you have any suggestions on revamping the flow for a high height tank? should i just add yet another ph or may the flow is ok and it's my feeding practices? I read that its good to thaw the food then strain out the water to reduce nutrients, but i just thaw the food in some disitilled and feed my clown, juice and all (shrimp).