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  1. I am here to read up, I have a 125 and will be dosing to eliminate bryopsis. thanks brandon for the link and all the help. jay
  2. he also sold 3 mp20's on ebay and never shipped them...has a bad history of not shipping or emailing once he gets the money. track record proves it, just search his name on RC feedback
  3. these will do the standard auto top off and also have a auto water change as well. base unit $65.00 3 floats-2 brackets $20.00 shipping in U.S. via USPS flat rate $8.00 PM is key
  4. can i drill a mr. aqua tank

    anyone know if the back can be drilled?
  5. can i drill a mr. aqua tank

    i picked up a 12gal. long mr. aqua tank and was thinking od doing a mini closed loop setup. can these tanks be drilled? if so the back, bottom or sides? i will be doing an aquastyle LED build as well and will make sure to have a build thread and pics for ya guys too. thanks for any help.
  6. WTB: Reef keeper PC4

    i have a spare backup i never ended up using, works fine but used..PM me an offer but dont be insulting with price as i will keep it as a backup.
  7. FS - Leaving Hobby Sale

    thanks, roxy. i will keep am eye out for the other tank sale in the future
  8. Looking to DIY Electronic ATO.

    WOW thats a great idea, i never knew these were out there. i would just get one of these.
  9. Looking to DIY Electronic ATO.

    you could install a float switch housed in a small clear "pill bottle" with small holes drilled in the bottom to allow the water level to activate the float switch on/off. i would not do the "hack extension cord" method, these float switches in general are not desined for 120v thru them, besides that 120v could enter the tank if something fails. a float switch that is wired to a relay that opens the 120v circuit that turns on the pump for top-off is a safer design IMO .i just built one and with some time and a couple dollars its not that hard. also if you have the room to add a second float switch for a back-up is always a good idea, just use the second float to break the circuit of the first switch.also use a small power supplylike 12v to go thru the float switch. hope this helps
  10. DIY ATO

    or 3
  11. DIY ATO

    use the relay.... also you can series wire two floats to break the connection if the first fails. i also placed a float higher for an alarm that runs on 3 aa batteries ( power failer freindly)
  12. up for trade is a super reef octopus 5000int skimmer with the awesome bubble blaster pump! this is going to be too big for the 125 i am building so i am looking to trade for a 2000 or 3000 either xp cone or sro int model.this is going to posted on several forums and i reserve the right to make a trade based on model rather than the speed at which you PM me.
  13. WTB fuge light

    the widest i could go is 8"
  14. WTB fuge light

    looking for just the light, something 8" to 18" would work.
  15. JAY's one 25