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  1. Lol I have 9 baby mollies within the first 24 hours. Damnit I think I’m going to need a third tank or to set up a quarantine area within the 10 gallon
  2. So I went and spent $130 and set up a Mollies + ghost shrimp fresh water tank on my desk. I wanted to see if I can breed mollies since they are livebearers and reproduce pretty quickly. This will be food for AMBUSH! Worst case scenario it’ll be storage for his food but would be cool to see them reproduce. First day in and I made sure to buy female mollies that looked pregnant. Turns out she was and I had one small fry in the tank first day! That made the compulsive purchase worth it. The only downside is that the tank is pretty basic. I kind of want to find a more aesthetically pleasing modern 10 gal tank for the desk. Any suggestions? Also I ended up buying 1 male molly 4 female mollies 4 ghost shrimp +1 hitchhiker snail Hairgraas + plant bundle
  3. He ate my tail spot blenny as a homecoming meal. A $25 food expense lol I’m not sure what I will feed him though
  4. I love this Frogfish!
  5. My frogfish ate my tail spot blenny....quite a gourmet $25 dinner for his homecoming into my tank lol also just got a ORA Maxima clam I won through a raffle at my local salt water fish store! $70 value! 🤘 photos of the clam coming soon!
  6. kalristo

    IM Fusion 20 Journal

    Awesome start! Can't wait to see this tank progress! Congrats on getting a deal on the tank!
  7. Hey! I ended up cycling it for a a few months due to initial neglect. haha I had my auto top off running like a champ and the ai prime is set on a light schedule so I literally have a very low maintenance tank! I do a 2.5 gallon water change every 2-3 weeks and everything seems to be very consistent! I think having two ai primes would be awesome aesthetically and for greater coverage but my acans, zoas, and some of the hardy sps have been doing well. So in short, yes 1 will work but 2 would be epic!
  8. I bought a Warty Frogfish today. We shall call him AMBUSH retail cost $229.99 ? I ended up getting a 30% discount buying it on Barrier Reef's sale!
  9. Thanks! I have 3 varieties. I’ve been warned that they are territorial and grow fast which could compromise my acans breathing space but honestly I think I’m going to let nature take its course and let everything grow as they please.
  10. Unfortunately no. I have my suspicions that the cleaner shrimp killed them but hard to say since I haven’t seen their corpse. Hopefully they make a comeback one day.
  11. Brought some new babies home today
  12. Update to this tank! i just went on a 10 day trip to Korea and the auto top off only used up 2.5/5 gallons! Sooo convenient!
  13. My two clown gobs have no disappeared. I have since added a cleaner shrimp, rose bubble anenome, hammer coral, two headed dendros, and a bunch of acans!