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  1. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    Finally starting to see small micro bacteria forming on the glass. I think it’s from the pink Fiji sand. IIRC these are beneficial to the salt water tank right? Also just topped off 5 gallons into my auto top off reservoir. Now to see how long it takes for 5 gallons to evaporate and see what my rate of filling the 5 gallon reservoir is! Also so just got this turkey baster from Amazon to blow off the debris on my live rock and spot feed future Acans
  2. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    Got a better shot of this coral 😬
  3. Collage Fluval Spec V - Peninsular Pico

    Awesome! Any plans on corals or livestock you're going with?
  4. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    I didn’t even know that they were doing the sale, I just happened to be in the area! Just found out they do .50 per gallon for salt water on Wednesday so I’m going to make it a ritual to go Wednesday’s! Thanks! I’m trying my best not to ever put my hands into the tank aside from adding corals
  5. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    Just picked up 3 corals from Barrier Reef in Renton, WA. 9.99 each and it was a buy 2 get one free 😍 anyone happen to know which zoas and spa these are?
  6. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    I think it was the ghost skimmer I have. The micro bubbles are all gone after turning it off..
  7. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    So many micro bubbles. I wonder what it could be from?
  8. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    Thanks! I really like nassarius snails. I just introduced 2 nassarius snails, 2 margarita snails, and 2 turbo snails today! Awesome! Have you set up your tank yet?
  9. Kalristo's Slice of Ocean

    Hey all, I came back to salt water reefing after 4 years. New objective: AUTOMATION. Trying to keep my hands out of the tank as much as possible except for cleaning. That means once live rock is set, its set. I really wanted to run an auto top off this time and to figure out a refill schedule so that less time is spent tinkering with the tank. This time I also wanted to create the aquascape to resemble a beach with the transition from shallow to deep live sand. For the rockscape I 'm going for the side of a cliff look and wanted to show the bare bones on the bottom of the rock so that whatever I put into the tank can swim between the open spaces. Since this is a true journal I will also document how much $$ is spent. RIP my wallet. [Tank] +Innovative Marine 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Tank [Lighting] +Aqua Illumination Prime HD LED Light Fixture [Skimmer] +Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget Ghost Protein Skimmer [Auto Top Off] +Innovative Marine HyrdroFill Ti Auto Top Off ATO Controller +Innovative Marine HydroFill Ti ATO Return Pump +Innovative Marine HydroFill Ti Universal Auto Top Off ATO Return Bracket +Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget HydroFill Ti Auto Top Off ATO Reservoir [Heating] +Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater w/ LED Display [Rock & Sand] +CaribSea Arag-Alive 20-Pound Fiji Pink Sand +15-20lbs of live rock [Inverts] 2 - Nassarius snails 2 - Margarita snails 2 - turbo snails
  10. Jebao RW-8, RW-15, Koralia & Mag

    Which one would you recommend for my 8gal?
  11. CAD Euro Pico 8 Gallon

    The 5lb live rock was blocking water flow so I turned it 90 degrees I want a stronger pump and an ATO and...new lights!!
  12. CAD Euro Pico 8 Gallon

    I finally got a live rock from the LFS
  13. CAD Euro Pico 8 Gallon

    CAD Euro Pico 8 Gallon 5lb Live Rock
  14. Pimp My Biocube Kit

    You have pm