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  1. FS Entire Tank teardown (hardware)

    What kind of ATO? If it is the jbj, let me know how much shipped to 89147. Thanks
  2. 20g long with stand and AI sol

    How much for the tunze ato? where are you located? thanks
  3. Out of Hobby Sale

    Do you still have the JBJ ATO? If so, how much shipped to 89147? Thanks
  4. Whats the growth rate of red dragon?

    Awesome. It is good to hear that they grow faster than I anticipated.
  5. Whats the growth rate of red dragon?

    Good to hear that! What kind of question is this? It's a question regarding the growth rate of a particular species of coral. Since its a deep water coral, I hear it grows much slower. So implicitly I'm asking what others have experienced.
  6. I am in the middle of a battle with these pests. So far no signs of them after continuous dips... revive works great and toothbrush the remains pieces for eggs and qt them. Seems that they love Monti caps and digitata the most. But for some reason they don't like seasons greeting Monti. Good luck .
  7. Whats the growth rate of red dragon?

    Friend of mine did a purchase through Indonesia and got a nice colony and fragged me a nice piece. How's the LEDs working out for you?
  8. I just picked up a frag of red dragon deep water acro. Anyone know the growth rate of these?
  9. turbo snails are dumb as hell

    That looks to be stomatella as it is more flat looking. Collinistas look like miniature trouchus/turbo snails.
  10. Frogspawn problem

    If its getting direct flow it may tend to shrivel and expand after adjusting. Or could be getting use to light.
  11. FS/FT PJ86's Tubb's blue Zoa

    If you frag I'll buy some.
  12. Free Collonista snails

    This thread needs to be closed. Tank is long gone. Thanks
  13. Cleaner Shrimp Reputation

    Never seen peppermint shrimp attack corals or fish either. Great for aiptasia removal however.
  14. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    I'm gonna wait until things color up. I went through a crash from running too much gfo. Some pieces went through rtn so I either had to frag them or toss em. Anyhow, Picked up a red planet mili and forest fire digi the other day--glows like a high lighter under the AI unit.
  15. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    Your Tank is still looking great. I will have to update mine here pretty soon.