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  1. 3/10th gallon bonsai pico with SPS

    I couldn't find any pictures from the last while before I sliced my rock a bit, so we'll take over from there. The rock that was in there was jammed in pretty good, and there was no room in front of it for the fish to swim around in, so I took the rock out and cut it with the chop saw to make a nice flat back to it that pushes up against the back wall. And here is the rock in the tank. The previous birdsnest and pocci were doing good, polyp extension was good but they were bland, brownish corals so I pulled them out and dumped them in my frag tank. Then I cut off some new tiny frags and glued them onto the rock here. Gave them a little room in case they decide to encrust onto the rock, which would be great. M. Confusa A. Tenuis - teal colored A. Microclados "Strawberry Shortcake" It's a pretty bad picture, I'll try to improve that in the future. The light is also pretty bad, it sort of does it's job, but not much light even though I rest the lamp right on the edge of the tank. I might go LED's. Also in the near future, I think I'll DIY an arduino controller for this thing to control lighting and hopefully an ATO of some sort. Trying to figure out a way to do a sensor. I'm currently thinking a photosensor with a float guided through it via a channel, and maybe an aqualifter set to pump only a few seconds at a time. I guess we'll see how that pans out.
  2. 3/10th gallon bonsai pico with SPS

    Tank has been doing alright. The glass (er, plastic) accumulated a bunch of algae, so I upped my cleaning schedule to weekly 100% water changes instead of bi-weekly, and I also clean the entire tank out then also. I'll update with pics shortly.
  3. I certainly don't see an issue. Congrats Tiki! That is an awesome tank.
  4. Calling Canadian Online Shoppers

    Out of curiosity what light fixture are you looking at getting?
  5. I think we now know who the winner is.
  6. Calling Canadian Online Shoppers

    Concept Aquatics in Calgary ships now also. Mostly custom tanks and dry goods, but they try to meet or beat other Canadian online retailers, and will flat out tell you if you can get it cheaper from JL. I buy from JL and Concept. I even have an American address, but it's easier for the most part to buy from either of those two.
  7. 3/10th gallon bonsai pico with SPS

    It lives! I've been really quiet lately due to the complete craziness of the last three months. Sorry to let everyone down, but the tank only lasted a couple of months as you had previously seen it. There is one single reason it didn't make it - anytime I did a water change, the tank overflowed onto my desk and it was making me cranky. The filter was just too big for the "tank" and I couldn't find a smaller one. So to alleviate this, I ended up getting a bigger tank. 3 times as big! Behold the new 3/10ths! This was when I first bought it a couple months ago. Added a little live rock, and some frags I had found half buried in the sand of my large reef. And a few days later: About a month later all hell broke loose. We moved to a new house, Christmas happens, I bought my girlfriend a puppy and it consumes most of our time. I kept the tank going, but during the move, I forgot which rocks I had in there and put a different rock in. I think the frags I had in there are probably still in the bottom of the bucket I used to move everything, so I need to get some new corals. I'll look around the sandbed this week and see what I can pull out of my display. And I might as well post a picture of our new puppy here as well. It really is a shame we couldn't find a cute one.
  8. Tank Crash... All Dead

    First off, it's off, not of. Secondly, stuttering is a speech disorder and has absolutely nothing to do with a written form. Thirdly, it's dechlorinator. So barring the fact that you're clearly an idiot, there still remains two problems with what you have said. First, nowhere is there any sort of indication that the original poster had used an excessive amount of dechlorinator for his tap water. Secondly, I would request that you provide a reference indicating the levels of dechlorinator required to be harmful to a fish as I have yet to see conclusive evidence that a rational amount in harmful in any way.
  9. How many things are plugged into your reef?

    Wow, there are a few with a ton of plugs. I thought I had a lot, maybe some people might want to list them! 1. Skimmer 2. Return pump 3. Ato 4. Ato pump 5. AI Vega 6. AI Vega 7. MP40 8. MP40 9. Heater 10. Heater 11. Doser 12. Controller I guess I could add 13 & 14 as the power bars, but I figured we were counting what was plugged into them, so it seems redundant.
  10. Tiki's tank is the complete deal, pest or not, that tank is something to be proud of! Also his video and documentation is so complete, it really shows the attention to detail. Somebody owes him that 2 gallon pico prize!
  11. Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    1000 posts and no results! I think all the images are posted in the members threads, it will just take some copying and pasting to organize it all together. If you set a poll up we might even be able to crown a winner this year.
  12. Veng's 20L - Black Friday Madness!

    Oh man, I love golden retreiver face! It has to be the only dog that gets cuter the older it gets.
  13. 20L w/ lateral 10G Sump Build

    I like the idea, my only concern would be making sure I had a quiet and efficient overflow. The good news is that it would be impossible to flood either tank since they're at the same level, so overflow options are endless! Then I considered if I had the same situation, I'd probably get someone to build me an all in one with 20 long dimensions and an extra 8-10" at the back for monster sump area. It just seems easier at that point then drilling more holes and siliconing on the overflow. Awesome idea though, I'm interested to see how it pans out.
  14. 40B Stand Build...COMPLETE!

    Nice stand. Ikea furniture most definitely is not MDF though, it's a much lighter and flimsier board. If anyone does want to use MDF for their stand also, I suggest a good sealer for it. The stuff swells like crazy and when it's waterlogged, you can pull it apart with your fingers.