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  1. FS: Nano Magnet Cleaners

    I got three from Jerome - even the additional cost of shipping to the UK only made it a few dollars more Delivery was very quick as due to the small size and weight (even with the excellent packaging) is was still cost effective to send air mail. I have had them for a couple of weeks now and they work perfectly, it makes it so much easier to clean the tanks. I use one in my nano at work, one in my FW shell dweller tank at work and one in my nano at home, they have never been so clean as it is such an easy job to do them now. Recommended product! Cheers, Eddie
  2. Tiny baby Brittle stars?

    Thanks for that Caja. I had spotted some on my nano and was just about to ask the same question. Glad I searched first..... Cheers, Eddie
  3. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    And lastly, here is a pic with the white blance set to auto - it is amazing how the human eye adjusts as this one looks the most true to life. Sorry about the reflections of the over head lights, I can't switch them off as the other people in the office would complain.... Cheers, Eddie
  4. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    Here is a pic of the tank with the new lights with the camera set to the same white balance as for the first pic:
  5. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    Carefully position the two lampholders at opposite ends of the white plate making sure that they will fit properly without the tubes touching - you will need to angle them slightly. Drill the plate and fix the lampholders, don't forget to install the lampholder clips to properly support the tube. Then wire them up as per the instructions supplied with the ballast. Refit everything to the hood and connect to the ballast - I placed this in an external box to reduce heat in the hood and to avoid placing it on the outside of the hood. Note that the leads from the lampholders to the ballast should be 1m long or less! The finished hood - the black box on the left contains the ballast.
  6. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    The only parts to be retained from this are the hood and the white relefector/mounting plate. The hood needs a few mods to take the new fittings. First the two central supports for the clear cover (circled in red) need to be removed to make space for the tubes. Then the mounting pillars for the white plate (circled in blue) need to be reduced in height by about 12mm. Lastly the fillets on the end supports (circled in green) need to be cut back to allow the white plate to sit down on to the mounting pillars.
  7. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    Now I've dismantled it (and started wondering if it was such a good idea )
  8. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    This is a view of the supplied lights in the hood:
  9. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    In the UK we don't have access to the same retrofit kits and compact T5 lighting that is available in the US so this might be of interest to othe nano reefers over here. The LFSs here still are mostly of the opinion that anything under 55gal is not possible for marine.... I saw a little 40 litre tank in the LFS a while ago and thought it would make a nice little nano-reef. However the stock lighting was only 2 x 8w flourescent tubes which appeared to be standard cool white. Whilst these might be OK for a FW tank they are nowhere near good enough for reef, so I did some measurements and a bit of looking around and decided I could get some parts and retrofit the hood with compact T5 lighting.... Tank: LAC R538 tank with lighting and built in wet dry filter from Aquatic Design. (Note I removed the wet/dry filter set up as the pump was very noisy, the LFS is waiting for a replacement to arrive so I have put in a MaxiJet for the time being). Parts: 2 x 18w ASL 8" Compact T5 tubes from Aquatics Online 1 2 x 18w electronic T5 ballast from RS Components 5 Compact Lampholders from RS Components (only available in packs of 5) 5 Compact Lampholder Clips from RS Components (ditto) 1 LH40 metal box from Maplin Various mains cables, cable markers, tapes, etc. Here is a pic of the tank using the stock lighting with camera set to fluorescent white balance (to allow true comparison at the end):
  10. DIY NanoReefing in the UK?

    There are a few of us from the UK on here. It is difficult to find nano stuff over here and the prices are crazy. I agree with you about the LFS not being interested in nano and always being of the opinion that it can't be done - I'd love for them to come on here and look at the tanks people have got. If you want the SCWD there is one web site I have found in the UK http://www.coralculture.co.uk/shop/product...products_id=108 HTH, Eddie
  11. Got Shrimped!

    Looks like some form of Anemone Shrimp - these seem to come in various colours. Have a search on Google and see if they look similar. Best I can do I'm afraid.....
  12. 20 gal nano (UK)

    Lastest pics of my nano - I think it's coming along quite well. I am interested to know what everyone else thinks. Eddie
  13. 20 gal nano - nearly four weeks now.

    Thank you for all the feedback. I was planning to leave most of the space at the front as I was under the impression that there should be 6" or so of clear live sand - it this something that applies more to the larger reef setups? I currently have about 26 or so pounds of LR in there - all from different sources, some of it bought for the shrooms, xenia, etc. It isn't obvious from the picture but it does slope a bit. On the left hand side the LR comes right up to the glass. There is a bit of space at the right so I might add some more there. I am not sure how much coral I will be going for - the lighting (at 2 x 36w PC) is not bright enough for a lot and definitely not enough for clams AFAIK. Once again, thanks for the feedback. Eddie
  14. Still got a bit of a diatom problem, but gradually backing off. Water params are good (0 amm & nitrite, nitrates low). Added an auto top up system at the weekend to keep levels correct. Got some ceriths arriving on Wednesday, then I might be ready for the first fish (woo hoo!). Thanks for any feedback. Eddie